Join us for Travel 2018 Taking you where the Mistral blows

Join us in our Spring 2018 travel adventures

Hello to you slow travellers out there! It has been a great summer for us so far and now that we have returned from the South of France again we are ready to begin planning and promoting our experiences for next year!


We hope you have been enjoying your precious vacation time as well! We know how hard you have worked to be able to travel and we take that very seriously. We are not out to earn a huge profit on every tour, but rather, we do our best to make it both special and affordable, because we have a love for sharing slow travel with small groups. We believe if you compare our prices with those of other small group companies we have created some very unique options at a reasonable price.

We also know how busy you are, and because we have lived in the region and have personally visited and tried out all the sites, restaurants and activities we are able to take the work and risk out of the experience for you.

Looking back on our 2017 experiences, Provence and Corsica

In May 2017, we visited both Provence and Corsica with private tours and both experiences were distinctly memorable.

Chocolate and wine tasting, chefs on the move, ground breaking olive growers, sea, kayaking and hands on charcuterie training.

Because this is a slow travel experience we will not rush you around from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, instead, we are committed to helping you experience as much of the day to day, real world experience of the region as we can.

We are also in the very unique position of being flexible, one of our recent guests asked us how to cook and eat artichoke and so we picked up a few and added them to our evening menu! Another guest loved the pizza at a local restaurant, so we returned twice to his great pleasure! We also had the opportunity to cook for our guests and let them choose the menu. As you can see in the photos, fish and seafood were a great hit in Corsica!

While in Provence

In Provence, we had the opportunity to not only tour the region but also to make some exciting new connections which we have added to our 2018 itinerary the Authentic Provence Experience.

The wine in Provence really was spectacular and in particular everyone loved the world famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape region.

While in Corsica

On the beautiful island of Corsica, we all tested courage on the rugged roads and experienced some incredible new cheese, chartcuterie, wild boar and mountain goat along with the unique local wines, while at the same time slowing down the pace to really experience the life in the region. From ocean, to mountains, city to villages we think our guests had a memorable experience.

Dramatic coastline to long beaches to mountains , Corsica, France
The view from our accomodation in Porto-Vecchio, Corsica, France
Rose, Pastis and many other delicious introductions of local delicacies were offered to our guests
Scott and Tanya Hodgson
" Travelling with Mistral is like visiting an old friend in their hometown. The ability to not just visit new places but to truly experience them is their greatest gift to their guests. The locations they select are gorgeous, our home away from home was stunning and the effort they put into ensuring you have a unique and customized experience is unparalleled. We wholeheartedly recommend them and will definitely travel with them again in the future. Thank you for an amazing experience!"
Sebastien Belanger and Lo Cheng
"I'd like to thank Mistral Experiences for delivering on a truly amazing vacation. The house we stayed in was luxurious, the destination was gorgeous and having a local guide with knowledge of the local culture/activities was priceless. Thank you so much for providing a vacation to remember."

So now that we have filed 2017 memories away, we thought you might like to know that we have put together 2 amazing travel experiences for 2018. If you haven't seen them already, now is the time to start thinking about getting on board!

And now Introducing OUR SPRING 2018 EXPERIENCES:

Unique to the south of france, our 2018 experiences ARE "all-inclusive" This means froM Your time of arrival at the meeting point till we RETURN you there a week later we take care of all your needs including transportation, meals, wine and non-alcoholic beverages, ACCOMMODATION and full 24 hour support. * see terms and conditions for more info

Tastes of Languedoc


Tastes of Languedoc

May 12-19, 2018
World-renowned flavours

Tastes of Languedoc is uniquely designed for travelers interested in experiencing the food and wine diversity of the south of France. We invite you to join us in a medieval village about 20 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea.

Once in a lifetime

Rosé, olive oil, fresh goat fresh and baguette. The food and drink of the region will enchant you. But even more enchanting are the people who make them. On this tour you will meet the vigneron, the cheese makers, the local baker. Cook a regionally inspired dish with a local chef, try street food at the market and even enjoy Michelin star restaurants. For many this will be a once in a life time experience!

Breakfast by the pool?

Stay at a beautiful village home with a pool and comfortable space for both group antics and quiet time. Bikes are available to explore the area as well.


For Languedoc

C$2999.00 PP

Double occupancy


Spaces Available: 6 max

C$500.00 deposit pp required to hold your space

Authentic Provence

May 26-June 2, 2018

Claiming some of the best food and wine in France

This region boasts so many amazing gourmet options, ancient vineyards, aromas and flavours valued around the world.

Our gorgeous views from the pool invite you to slow down and live in the moment.

Each room at our excellent accomodation has its own ensuite bathroom. Breakfast is served overlooking a breathtaking valley and gentle hills.


For Provence


double occupancy


Spaces Available: 6 max

$500 deposit required to hold your space
What we (Mistral) will do:
  • Pick you up at the arranged meeting point (for Provence this is Avignon and for Languedoc this is Montpellier)
  • Provide transportation to all sites throughout the week
  • Provide all meals, wine, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks throughout your experience
  • Tailor the location and itinerary for the group
  • Provide comfortable and authentic accommodation with en-suite bathroom
  • Offer cultural and language support and insight into the life of the region
  • Assist you in planning add-on travel upon request
What you are responsible for:
  • Booking your own flight and any other transportation to the meeting point
  • Providing proof of health coverage
  • Purchase of any additional personal items
  • Packing your bags and relaxing/having fun
Market Day in Gordes, Provence

If so, please let us know soon! Send us an email with the trip(s) your are interested in and the number of people you are bringing. Please note, while we love children we are planning these experiences for the adult traveler (18+)!

If you would like to plan a trip with more than 6 people or with children under 18 please contact us to discuss the option of a private group experience.

Get dressed, its 2017 and you need a new adventure to look forward to!

We look forward to seeing where the winds blow us all in 2018!

Cheers from Naomi and Franck Portalupi


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