Wegmans vs Star Market

Both stores offer groceries although Wegmans caters as well.
A gallon of milk costs $2.30 and a pint tub of Ice Cream costs $2.49 however Star Market does not offer prices on their web page.
Wegmans is online and on the East Coast, Star Market is just New England.
Wegmans promotes through sponsorships and mail. Star Market has special holiday sales.
Wegmans: Well Known, Big, Clean, "nice'. Star Market: Popular, Consistent reputation
Wegmans is limited to the East Coast, and Star Market has a weak website and limited to New England.
Wegmans and Star Market have more opportunity to expand their locations.
Wal-mart is dominating the south and could expand north, possibly destroying both Wegmans and Star Market

My final recommendation is for Star Market because there is one close to my house and they are pretty consistent. Although Wegmans may have some good staff their locations are too far from me.


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