Catholic Academy of Sunnyvale Week ending december 16th

Important Dates

Monday, December 19th-Monday, January 2nd

No School-Christmas Break

Tuesday, January 3rd

School Resumes

A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents,

How blessed I have been to share time with your children!

This has been a busy time, I have really only three things to say this week.

1) Thank you. You have invested precious time and resources in your children's education where Catholic values and traditions live. This gift you have given will live on, and bear fruit.

2) Please remember to make time to celebrate the reason for the season. Advent is a wonderful time of reflection as we prepare for the celebration of His incarnation. It is not about gifts or Santa or sweets or elves on shelves - it is a time to pause at the awesome wonder of God's humanity. Stop the rush now and again with your children to talk, consider and give thanks for the miracle of Jesus.

3) May your New Year be blessed with so much goodness that your cup overflows with love, joy, peace and a deep connection with God!

Pray, enjoy, pray, enjoy and pray some more - for He has been born!

Wishing you the merriest of the coming Christmas season,

Susan Morrissey



This week in Toddlers, we are very excited about getting ready for Christmas and Jesus' birthday! We have enjoyed lots of stories about the nativity and Jesus' birth.

Our Montessori lesson this week had us practicing using funnels while pouring. We also sorted shapes by size. We continued our gardening skills by planting more herbs.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Christmas sing a long. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!


This week we finished up our gardening culminating gardening activities. The children have enjoyed watching their plants grow! A special thank you to Ms. Nora for being our parent helper!

We also learned how to say "Santa" in Mandarin!


This week in kindergarten, students worked together in search of sight words in our anchor text, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? They also enjoyed a STEM class where they learned about circuiting a Christmas light with a battery and pipe cleaners!

First Grade

First Grade's Christmas Wish

This holiday season the first grade has been discussing their Christmas wishes. But, there has been no mention of toys and video games; the class has been talking about their wishes for other people, our surrounding community, and the world. Some of us wish for friendship, ; some of us want to help the homeless. A few of us even wished Jesus a Happy Birthday! We worked hard to create a first draft. After some proofreading and editing, the class was ready to publish their writing in a final draft. Stop by Room 1 to read our Christmas Wishes, displayed in the windows.

Second Grade

With all the excitement of the Christmas season, the second-graders made use of their knowledge of Geometry, Skip-counting and patterns to show expressions and symbolisms of the season. Now, they have filled the room with Christmas trees and Nativity scenes.

Third Grade

This week the 3rd grade is working on understanding the relationship between addition and multiplication. To work on their group dynamic skills, students were partnered together and had to create arrays using the multiples of 2’s and 4’s with play dough. The objective of this exercise was to have students physically create an array; the use of the play dough would help them remember the products. The class created multiplication equations from their arrays and played a fun game swapping them with their classmates. The group to find the array matching the equation the fastest was the winner! 3rd grade had a lot of fun with this lesson. It helped them rely more on their partners, rather than working independently.

Fourth Grade

Progress Reports

This week Fourth grade students at CAS wrote Progress Reports. These reports were not about themselves. Instead, they focused on Donald Zinkoff, the main character from their anchor text, Loser by Jerry Spinelli. Students examined Donald during Fourth and Fifth Grade. Then students met in their book clubs to share information about Donald focusing on areas of strength and areas in which Donald needs to improve his social behavior. These written Progress Reports are a summary of Donald’s character, one of the standards covered in 4th Grade curriculum.

Fifth Grade

This week the students worked on brainstorming ideas on which robots they want to build next. One group is very interested in building an EV3 puppy robot. In coding, they worked on writing codes to make Santa's elves dance and also to draw a snowflake.

On Wednesday they had a Christmas caroling event where the entire School came together as one family to sing in praises of the Lord. The fifth and sixth graders sang the song "Joy to the world".

Merry Christmas, everybody! And a happy new year to you all!

Sixth Grade

This week sixth-grade science has been learning about barometric pressure, the different spheres that make up our atmosphere, and what chemicals our atmosphere is made up of. I hope everyone has a blessed and wonder Christmas Break!

Seventh Grade

Art & Design:

The young art apprentices had an introduction to a founder of the French impressionist artist named Claude Monet. Monet's

paintings were the most consistent and prolific of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein-air landscape painting. Monet's ambition of documenting the French countryside led him to adopt a method of painting the same scene many times in order to capture the changing of light and the passing of the seasons.

The lower school students were shown more art work from Michael O'Neill McGrath. This week they saw artwork from his book entitled

Blessed Art Thou: Mary - Our Mother, Our Lady, Our Mystic, Our Queen.

In Industrial Design, the 7th graders finished up their presentations on their redesign of a toothbrush. Great concepts and designs were presented well. In robotics, the 7th graders fixed minor issues with the Santa Sleigh robot. They also enjoyed building and rebuilding other robots.

The upper school students are on project two of their product designs. They will be doing phase one this week, the ideation process.

Merry Christmas everyone!

​Have a great and safe New Year!

God Bless!

Eighth Grade

Grade 8: What Christmas Means to Me

The class thought long and hard about what Christmas actually means. Is it about Santa and presents? Is it about the birth of Jesus? Is it about love and kindness? The answer is... Yes. Christmas is important to all of us, sometimes for very different reasons. Our answers were all very diverse, but they all came from the heart. Stop by the Room 8 windows to see what Christmas means to all of us. Happy Holidays!


The theme of this week is "Christmas 聖誕節 (圣诞节) shèng dàn jiē." Also, they learned four vocabularies about Christmas. There were Santa, Christmas tree, reindeer, and bell. The Chinese words are: 聖誕老人 (圣诞老人) shèng dàn lǎo rén, 聖誕樹 (圣诞树)shèng dàn shù, 鹿lù, 鈴噹(铃噹) líng dāng. I showed two kinds of words because the students learned both the traditional and simplified Chinese. However, the older students were asked to write down the short answers about Christmas. For example, when is Christmas? which month? which date? Because they already learned month, date, and days of the week. One is for learning new words;another one is for reviewing old words. For the younger students, they made Santa craft.

Merry Christmas to Everyone~

Physical Education/



This last school week of the year brought us some time to evaluate our progress and learned 'meta'-analysis skills of the levels of our physical activity beyond the school campus. In addition to our routine standard workouts, students practiced free-throw basketball shots and an endurance run. Flexibility, in physicality and other personal dimensions was challenged as our calendar schedule was a little varied this week and some classes had to wear formal attire during PE times. All grades did have a Health course this week with most of our emphasis looking students own lifestyles and how they can change up certain low-level activities (video games, tv, digital devices) with moderate to vigorous activities for a minimum of 60 minutes per day. With school being out for two weeks, everyone should find a pleasurable activity to keep their bodies moving to stay fit!

Extended Care


Perhaps its our proximity to Christmas, but the warmth of sharing and community has permeated to and from the Extended Care room this week. Call it your couch, your room, your car, or your favorite warm jacket, everyone needs a familiar safe space, place, or item that provides a very particular comfort. I'd like to think that at Catholic Academy, the Extended Care room and program provides that certain something for our guests. It is a safe and warm place where students can gather and share stress-free good times with one another regardless of age or grade level. This week we have spent many songs, smiles, and laughs together in preparation and excitement for the upcoming holiday break, and there is more than enough room and fun to go around the entire CAS community. On behalf of Mr. Marcus, Mrs. Wu, and myself, we want to wish you and yours a happy, blessed, and safe holiday season and we look forward to seeing again in 2017.


--Garrett Lee

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CAS Faculty and Staff!

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