Spring Break 2017 Gulf Shores, Alabama

How did I end up on the balcony of a beautiful beach house in Gulf Shores, Alabama? That’s a great question and an even better story. My name is Jake and I’m finishing up with my first year in college. This year has been absolutely crazy in so many different aspects. This year has been a continual adventure of trying to figure out the balance between the person that I was and the person that I want to be. So that has been an interesting journey. This year alone has been mixed with many, many hardships and struggles and yet has been the most fun I’ve ever had. I think a large part of why this year has been so incredibly fun has been my roommate, Teague. Teague is studying Political Science here at John Brown University. Which means he has a lot of opinions about politics. We don’t always agree because we have been brought up by different types of families. But that hasn’t stopped us from being respectful of each other and our differing opinions.

So anyways, Teague asked me over Christmas break if I would want to go with him and his family to Gulf Shores, Alabama. At first I was apprehensive, because I felt like it was too good to be true. But the Broquard’s offer was serious and I seriously thought about it. I for sure didn’t wanna be an inconvenience to them or intrude on their vacation, but a week on the beach was very, very attractive.So I said yes, which proved to be a very good decision.So here I am. Sitting on the balcony of this beautiful beach house on the white sandy shores of Gulf Shores, Alabama.

This was the view from our beach house.

Fort Morgan. This is where the beach house that we stayed at was located. This is also the name of the civil war fort that is located on the edge of the little island that is Fort Morgan. On one of the days we were there, we went to explore the fort. Teague decided to stay home but the rest of the grandkids and I marched on over there to the fort. We actually had to pay to get in and there was a museum and everything. I thought it was quite fascinating. The fort was used in the Civil war to try to monitor the amount of cargo going in and out of the gulf. It was interesting because we could see the big cargo ships that would go in and out of the gulf from our house and it was easy to put ourselves into their shoes. The family and I explored the fort for an extensive period of time and I had brought my camera along so we got some good shots along the way as well.

Fort Morgan, Civil War Fort

I don’t remember much else about the fort besides the fact that it was old and smelled kinda funny. Later that day, Grandma Judy. Kris and Matt made us all their famous Paella seafood concoction. I thought it was delicious but I could have used a little less shrimp.

The kids exploring the fort

The week was spent relaxing on the beach. There were no scheduled events . I guess it we were all on "island time". I chose to spend a lot of time with the kids on the beach. It was really fun to be apart of the family for the week and be able to get know the kids. It was also good to understand more about Teague and the family that he comes from. Alistair (pictured below) is one of the most commanding three year olds to ever waddle the earth. He was a blast though, and it definitely made things interesting throughout the week. I think this week as shown me that I am really not ready to be a parent yet. I still like me and like to not have to be responsible for anyone else besides me.

Teague's little cousin, Alistair
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