Design-A-Planet Summative Project

With an abundance of waterfalls Carteropolis is a a great place to relax.
One of the amazing geologic features that you can come visit on Carteropolis.

Stunning sedimentary rock features have formed over the history of Carteropolis.


Created with images by fotomanu_93 - "planet" • Flavio~ - "Braking the Rules.Today, featuring: Gravity" • cluczkow - "waterfall" • jingoba - "sluice waterfall natural water" • Poswiecie - "kuang si falls waterfall water" • skeeze - "molten volcano lava" • Backpackerin - "torres del paine mountains granite" • subarcticmike - "Stripes of Life From Halfway Back in Time" • ShekuSheriff - "sedimentation stone rocks" • eutrophication&hypoxia - "Indus River Delta, Pakistan"

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