Mars Mission Rachelle Gray-December 5 2016-Geospace-Period 6

The year is 2040 and my friends and I are planning on going up to Mars. Of course we may not the first ones to land on Mars. We really are hoping we make it up there safe and back to Earth safe. We also want to start life on Mars. On average it will most likely take about 15 minutes to get up to Mars. Meaning that the launch is safe and it succeeds. Supplies needed are all packed up with us. All of us want to come back to Earth, but one of us might stay on Mars

The crew members are pretty amazing. Kyle is helping out with any issues needed to be resolved or whatever, so he's in the Scientist area. Rickey is our pilot. Lyla is part of the medicine area when needed. She makes sure that we are taken care of if we are sick or injured or whatever. Mike is the Mechanical engineer. He helps out with anything if we have an issue with the space craft. All of these crew members are amazing and have great qualities. They work very well when working under pressure. We all know that going up to a different planet means being up there for a while. That means you won't be able to see your family nor communicate with them as much so in order to go up to a different planet, you need to be able to control all of those feelings and know that it is going to be okay. You should always have a positive mind set. They all are extremely positive. The training was easy to go through. We all had to pass a test that was basically a physical test but for space. We all had great vision, perfect height and great blood pressure.

The suits are amazing. They can move really well in our suits and still get enough air pressure. As astronauts, we need so much air in our suits just to stay alive. In space it is very easy to break bones because there is no gravity. Zero gravity. In order to prevent breaking our bones, they have an area in the spacecraft with artificial gravity with a work out area so that the astronauts can keep their bones alive. To prevent radiation, we thought that the astronauts could use sheer bulk on their suits but it is very expensive, so they decided to use more shield. Scientists have developed a European space radiation superconducting shield. It protects astronauts from cosmic rays. Now, lets get to the spacecraft. The spacecraft they will use will be the falcon 9. It has a rocket propellant and has liquid oxygen. They'll need to take things with them when they reach Mars right? What they brought was obviously enough food/drinks, heaters because it is cold in Mars, Oxygen because Mars is very very thin. Most of all, they need their team. They couldn't explore Mars all by themselves. Having people by your side is always nice.

The astronauts found out that they weren't the first to step on Mars and as it was said in the beginning, they knew that they weren't going to be the first ones. They were actually the second ones to land on Earth. They are trying to build a life on Earth right now. They are currently living in a dome right now, but of course they have a space station. They have enough oxygen to keep themselves alive up in Mars. Like i said earlier, the crew members brought a heater up in space just because of the weather and the suits they have are built for radiation so that they don't get sick or anything. They will need food to sustain life up there and they did get provided with food and brought more just in case they ran out. They have plenty of water with them also. When they reach Mars, they wanted to find out first if anyone has been living up there because there is water on Mars. They could find out where that water is coming from up on Mars. Hopefully they all make it back safely and if some end up staying there then hopefully they survive up there and find everything they want to find.


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