Italy By JimmY flaherty and declan kenney

The capital of Italy is Rome. Rome is one of the most well known cities n all of Italy.

Above are some cool tourist attractions in the wonderful city of Rome. These are some things to do in Rome. The far left is the Collesuim. This is were gladiators fought each other as entertainment. The middle is Vatican City. This is where the pope lives. And the far right is the Trevi Fountain.
A non stop flight to Rome costs about $540 per person.
There are many great and beautiful hotels in Rome. A 4/5 star hotel costs about 180 dollars per person. It's a very expensive price but it's well worth it.

Italy is nice all year round. I think the best time to go is the summer. The average temp is 76 degrees.

This is the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. It is a great place to pray in Rome. The art work and sculptures inside are amazing.
This is the prime minister of Italy. Unlike the USA Italy has a prime minister NOT a president. He was elected prime minister in 2016. His name is Paolo Gentiloni.
This is Santa Marinella. It's a small beach town just a 2 hour train ride outside the city of Rome. When you go swimming in this town, you swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
This is St Peters Bacsilica. This church is within the grounds of Vatican City.

In Italy they have Gelato. Gelato is like ice cream but more icy and eaten through all of Italy. For more dinner fare in Italy they have wonderful pizzas, pastas, breads, and cheeses. You can find all these foods in caf├ęs to 5 star restaraunts.

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