GREAT WORKOUT! Swanson Admirals thank Fred Bowen

I liked when he shared his sports columns.

--Scott E.

I liked it because he shared to us how to make a good story. I learned that it's smart to make a first draft before you start making the final one.

--Hilma A.

I learned that it's important to share what you write no matter what.

--Azra P.

I liked how he said to be a good athlete you have to be a good listener.


I liked because of how he connected sports to how to write.


I liked his visit because he is talking about sports and I like sports

--Kelly I.

I was very interested in what he said about starting his writing with a simple notebook. How he explained the writing process spoke to me. He actually did make me want to write more as well as read more. I liked the way he was able to reach students through sports. I also like the way he started, presenting himself as a husband and father first, since all writing is tied to life experience.

--Mrs. Dykema

He told us how he makes an idea before he writes his books and it was awesome.

--Mohammed Y.

I learned that Fred Bowen gets his ideas to write sports from watching a sports game and he also gets lots of ideas because he's a coach for lots of sports. I liked it because he inspired me to write something of my own.


I loved how he helped reinforce our teaching of fact and opinion, so that students see that these skills are not meant to be learned in isolation or without connections to the outside world.

--Ms. Chiu

Thank you Fred Bowen for spending time at Swanson! Both students and staff were energized by your visit and we'll keep the ball rolling as we continue to share your books and columns.

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Rachael Walker

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