Under the Sea By Sarah Cook

Congress should redistribute the money that is currently funding the space program to focus on deep sea exploration because of the potential economic and scientific benefits.

The resources that are found beneath the surface are numerous. Animals, plants, and minerals can all be found in the deep ocean.

The ocean presents itself to be financially beneficial because of the guaranteed resources. The United States easily has access to the open water which is already used for trade and fishing industries.

While fishing industries are an important source of income from the sea, beneath the surface are more food opportunities, such as plant matter and microorganisms that have not yet been discovered.

Exploring the deep sea gives us more clues about our home planet and how we can better take care of it. This insight can help us develop our country for years to come.

Some believe, however, that space is a more important source for minerals and answers.

While humans love too look up and out, the millions of dollars it takes to build a ship greatly outweighs any benefit that we get, such as minerals or simply answers to questions.

Because of this financial waste, exploring the oceans is often overlooked and under funded. Since we have not discovered a majority of the oceans, we have not fully reaped what this planet has for us.

That is why Congress needs to redistribute the current funding for space and rely more on what is not only right in front of us, but also easily attainable if we applied our resources.

The earth can provide us as much as we are willing to explore. It would not only help us financially, but it would help us in our search for life and satiate the hope humanity has of not being alone in the world.

Created By
Sarah Cook


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