Good Life Nature Activity Andrew Jamison

The exhibit captured my attention by, quite simply, showing the massive size of some sharks. I learned just how diverse the animal kingdom, and specifically the ocean's inhabitants, truly are. I used to enjoy going to the zoo and natural history museums all the time as a young kid. I found immersing myself in something I used to love to be very enjoyable as it brought back memories of curiosity and how I would do anything to figure out the truth of nature.

"Love, respect, and admire." All these traits were highlighted throughout the museum, I found the butterfly research wing to be the most intriguing, however. I was able to watch as researchers learned about the creatures and taught people about them straight from the source. Seeing how important it was to learn about the insect and how to best live with them harmoniously was very refreshing change from what we see in the world today.

The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit was amazing and so much fun to walk through. It really captured how important it is for humans to get in touch with Mother Nature and recognize and appreciate the beauty and mystery of the world. It shows just how magnificent nature is and truly gives one the experience to embrace and connect "to the eternal."

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Andrew Jamison

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