Explore the Submarine Canyons! Let the beauty from all the depths sink in!

By: Lara Marinich

A submarine canyon is a steep valley cut into the seabed of the continental slope or the continental shelf, these margins are extremely steep.

They get their name because of the fact that they resemble the canyons (made by rivers) that we would find on land.

Shown in red is all the submarine canyons, that we know of, in the world.

The majority of submarine canyons are only about 48 km or 30 miles or less in length, although there are some that are more than 320 km or 200 miles long.

Although there are many submarine canyons around the world, Monterey canyon is the largest submarine canyon along the coast of North America. It is about 470 km (292 miles) long, at maximum 1,700 meters (5.577 feet) deep, and 12 km (5577 feet) wide.
This was a picture taken of the inside of Monterey canyon.
This is what Monterey canyon look like from the shore.

The organic material associated with sediments provides nutrients to deep-sea organisms. The submarine canyon sediment transports are episodic and are potentially triggered by storms, earthquakes, moderate sea conditions, tidal fluctuation, and flooding

Organisms found in submarine Caves-

while most organisms found in the canyons are not just specifically in the canyons. Mobile fishes and invertebrates such as prickly sharks and krill can be found along the walls of the canyon. The coral found in the canyons can be a home to a variety of rockfishes.

The picture above is a Prickly Shark.


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