Republic of Chile By: Shelby, Lizzy, Damiana, and eileen

Chile's Flag


Chile's Flag: red, blue, and white-with a white star in the left corner.

Capital: Santiago-located in the middle of the country

Population: 18 Million

el dinero: peso



Type of government:

-Democratic Representation (President is head of state and government)

Important Cities:


Overlook of Valparaiso


Patagonia, Chile


City of Antofagasta


Capital of Chile: Santiago


Arica city that overlooks the Pacific ocean
Map of Chile

Independence: September 18, 1810-Chile declared freedom from Spanish rule

Spanish is spoken in Chile and is one out of 9 countries in South America that speaks Spanish


Traditional dish: "Pastel de Choclo" (a pie made with corn, vegetables, chicken and beef usually served with a Chilean salad

Pastel de Choclo

Unique dish: "Charquican"- includes potato, pumpkin, mince onion, carrots, and sometimes includes peas/corn


Famous dishes: Empanadas-pastry filled with meat, cheese or mussels


Asado- another famous dish made with barbecue with beef, pork or chicken



Exports: Copper, Nitrate, and timber from forests. (Worlds largest deposits of Nitrate)

Natural resource: #1- Copper, #2-Nitrate

Copper mine in Chile

Economy: unemployment- 6.4%, economic freedom status: mostly free (able to climb to wealth fairly freely)

Relation to the U.S: Chile was involved with NAFTA to remain close with the United States until Japan replaced the U.S as Chile's major trading partner.

Artists: Roberto Matta and Camilo Mori

Roberto Matta
Camilo Mori painting

Famous Writer: Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda-Writer/Poet

Artifacts: People at Monte Verde built fires, cooked plants and meet. These tools are the oldest in the world- 18,500

Oldest artifacts in the world

3 Interesting Facts:

#1 Chilean wives have different last names from their husbands (keep their maiden name) because if they have the same last name then they are considered brother and sister

#2 divorce in Chile was legalized only in 2005, and has the lowest divorce rates globally

#3 Chile has over 2,000 active volcanos


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