Doane Remote How we stay connected

Even when we are apart, we are reminded that the Doane community's bonds transcend physical distance.

A virtual choir of students, faculty, and alumni come together to perform our alma mater.

Doane Remote Learning Objectives

Lower School

  1. Teachers share daily learning plans for math, reading, and writing, as well as a menu of project options in specialist subjects that students may elect to complete.
  2. An age-appropriate number of live sessions are scheduled to help students keep in contact with their peers and promote a sense of community.
  3. Older Lower School students participate in live learning sessions for core academic topics (math, reading, writing, science, and Spanish).
  4. Teachers send home learning reports for students at the end of each week and strive to hold at least 1 one-on-one session and 1 small-group session with each student per week.

After listening to The Three Little Pigs, our primary students were asked to build a straw, stick, or brick house. Chase proudly shows off his finished product.

Third grade student Emma works on her personal narrative.

Primary student CJ shows off his mandala crafted out of materials found outside. Mandalas are used in many faith traditions to encourage mindfulness and harmony with nature.
Award-winning children's book author and illustrator Gene Barretta '78 leads a whimsical online doodling session with our students.
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and the other Doane staff members for their continued commitment during this time. This gesture to deliver supplies to students is a true example of why we love the Doane community. I can't thank you guys enough.

Middle and Upper School

  1. All classes meet twice per week for live learning sessions. Teachers post learning content on non-live days.
  2. Teachers make consistent use of Google Classroom and Google Calendar to communicate student assignments and class meeting times.
  3. Teachers and students make use of a wide variety of technology tools to maintain a collaborative environment and encourage creativity.

Every Friday, Upper School Division Head Ran Holeman shares an inspirational message with the upper school students. In this video, he speaks about the importance of grandparents.

Interested in a virtual tour of campus? Upper School students were challenged to build Doane Academy's campus in Minecraft, or a similar program. This is a compilation of some of the best views.

Ninth grade student JP diligently practices his bass. Even though we cannot hold full concerts, the show must go on! Instrumental and vocal music students record themselves and share their performances with one another.

Life imitates art. Visual arts students were tasked with recreating historical paintings using materials from home.
You and the staff have laid the plans bare and plainly; you guys REALLY are doing a fantastic job and have pivoted (which is NOT easy) rather quickly and it would appear seamlessly (I know there's a TON of work behind the scenes)... Doane Academy is REALLY knockin' it out of the proverbial park.

Student and Family Support

Above all else, our primary concern is helping students maintain their physical and emotional well-being even while we are physically apart.

  1. Dr. Enid Flagg, School Psychologist and Director of Student Wellness, communicates weekly wellness messages to the entire community with tips for how to take care of yourself during these stressful times.
  2. The Lower School, Middle School and Upper School division heads work with Dr. Flagg and Dan Williamson, Dean of Student Life, to keep track of students of concern and maintain constant communication with home. Where appropriate, they create individualized learning plans that help students navigate challenges specific to them at this time.
  3. All students who need a device to do their schoolwork have been provided a Chromebook by the school and there is always an administrator on duty to help students with any technology issues during the school day.
  4. Community Activities on Fridays are hosted by Doane Faculty and Staff to help continue to build a community around fun activities like scavenger hunts, movie viewings, video games, and dance parties.
  5. Advisory groups meet at least once per week.
Dr. Flagg created Student Health and Wellness websites for our students, which contain health and wellness strategies and resources.
Michael Russell's advisory hosts a tea time-themed meeting.
Kath Brandwood, English Department Chair, organized a community reading recommendation program for all ages. Students can browse the list for book ideas and watch video recommendations from peers and teachers.
We continue to find creative ways to honor our graduating seniors. Our signature end-of-year celebrations like Senior Affirmations, Athletics Awards Night, and Commencement will be held virtually.
Although there still is so much that seems unknown and unclear, the tireless efforts by Doane to connect with, care for and educate the students has been impressive, uplifting and simply amazing. Of note, too, is the clear and consistent contact between Doane and the parents through emails, videos and Facebook posts. That shared information, certainly, is needed and appreciated but, more so, it has been the honesty and emotion embedded through that communication that have been so encouraging and reassuring. Every teacher, each division head and all support staff deserve much recognition and appreciation. I have never doubted Doane's commitment to its mission. Seeing such persistence by the full school to know, love and strongly encourage all students to reach their unique potential even in the midst of a pandemic is simply amazing and, well, distinctively Doane! We are so very blessed to be part of the Doane family.