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The Newborn Life.

This is a time in your life that you can't get back. It's sleep deprivation, hours sitting on the couch feeding, snuggles, the best food ever from your church, limited social life (I seriously began to think of the cast of Reba as my friends), adorable newborn outfits, and the most love you've ever felt for a human you hardly know.

The last thing on your mind might be photos. You're tired, feeling frumpy, and can't imagine getting everyone out of the house on time (or getting your house in shape for a photographer to come over).

But let me tell you - I did not have newborn photos taken of any of my kids. I know, right?!? I wasn't into photography at the time and it didn't even cross my mind. I seriously regret it. I have lots of snapshots, but only a couple with me in them and only a couple where the baby actually looks decent. (Phone cameras were not a thing 10 years ago and I was dealing with a slow point and shoot - you guys all have it so good now!) I wish I had cute portraits to look back on or storytelling photos to really remember what newborn life was like (beyond watching Reba on TV).

I offer three different types of newborn sessions: Fresh 48, portraits, and storytelling. This guide will help you figure out what session is most important to you.

Fresh 48 Session

fresh 48

The thing I remember most about having my babies is that time seemed to stand still. I remember looking out the hospital window thinking that life as normal was happening out there, but it felt like we were in our own little sweet world. Nothing else matters except your baby. Things are overwhelming, you hurt, you're exhausted, but this new little baby with a scrunchy face and cute little hairs and the tiniest fingers ever is all you can think about.

I cry every time I put together a Fresh 48 video. If someone else's baby can bring my emotions of my own children to the surface, think about what you will feel 5 years from now when you watch your own video?

A Fresh 48 session takes place in your hospital room. Typically I schedule them for the day after your baby is born, usually in the morning or early afternoon. I'm there for about an hour, capturing photos of baby by themselves, mom and dad together with baby, and each parent separate. If there are older siblings, I have them come in about halfway through.


What if I can't get out of bed? No worries! We can get plenty of sweet images even if mom has to stay in bed.

Do I need to bring any special outfits? It depends on your hospital. I like the sweet simplicity of white onesies and blue/pink striped hospital blankets, so if your hospital provides those, that's all we need! However, some hospitals use sleepers and gowns that have characters/designs on them (think yellow ducks) which don't really photograph well. In that case, feel free to dress your baby in a cute outfit from home. I also bring along a white muslin blanket for you to keep that is perfect for wrapping baby in. For mom, wear what you are comfortable in. That might be a t-shirt and leggings, a maxi dress, or even the hospital gown.

Do I need special permission from the hospital? No, you don't. I'm just like any other visitor, only with a camera in hand. It is helpful if you let them know you have a photo session scheduled so they don't plan on checking you during that time.

What do you want me to do? This is what I'm looking for in one word: connection. Connection with baby, with your spouse/significant other, with your older children. Ignore me. Run your fingers through baby's hair, along their cheek, gently kiss their forehead, dad - touch mom often, tell your baby how much you waited for her and what you can't wait for him to do in the future. Feed your baby, change his diaper, re-swaddle her, gently rock her, gaze into his eyes. Also, I take lots of video clips. If you ask me a question and I don't respond right away, I likely am taking video and don't want my voice in the clip.

When should I schedule my session? Contact me one to two months before your due date to get on my calendar. Since we can't schedule an exact date, I will leave room on my calendar around your due date.

Cost? And what is included? A Fresh 48 includes 30+ photos in a downloadable online gallery and a 1-2 minute fusion video set to music. The cost is $275 plus tax.

Portrait Session


I just started offering portrait sessions for newborns in May 2018. I realized that there is a need for simple, timeless newborn portraits and I am thrilled with how these sessions turn out. I don't do a lot of posing, but gently guide the baby into positions that photograph well. I will not spend hours trying to get the baby into a deep sleep - in fact, some of my favorite images happened when baby was awake.

I photograph baby on a white beanbag with neutral colored wraps using natural light. Sometimes I like to incorporate flowers and leaves into the session (I get all my floral accents from The Petal Pusher in Henderson - they are awesome!).

For an additional $75, you can add on a family portrait session! Just 20 minutes, but such a beautiful memory of the love and connection your family has with the new baby. I used to do family portraits at the same time as the newborn session, but I've found that it leaves mom feeling a little more stressed than she should be! Instead, you can wait to worry about coordinating outfits, schedules, and even getting out of the house. For family portraits, I can come to your house, or you can come to mine!


Can you come to my house? Where are you located? I only do newborn portrait sessions at my home - it's a lot to set up and the light in my house is perfect. I can control the environment in my house, so all I have to concentrate on is taking adorable photos of your newborn. We live just off the Hampton exit on I-80, so it's super easy to get to no matter where you are coming from! If you add on the family portrait session, I will gladly come to your house for that part of it!

What do I need to do? Just bring yourself and your baby! Baby will only be photographed in a wrap or a blanket.. Bring lots of diapers (apparently babies like to go through a lot of diapers while being photographed!) and formula if using.

What does a session look like? It depends on your baby! Before the session, try to keep him awake as much as possible so he is sleepy during the session. Feel free to feed before you come or when you get here. I'll do some awake bean bag photos and then we will attempt to get her to sleep to finish the bean bag photos. With babies, we have to be flexible and your photos may not look exactly like another baby's photos!

How long does it take? It truly depends on the baby. If she's sleeping well, it may only take 30-45 minutes. If he's wide awake, you may be here for 1.5 - 2 hours. I don't go longer than 2 hours, though, as that can just result in frustration and tiredness for all of us.

Should I bring my older kids? I prefer that they stay at home with dad or grandma (they tend to run into the room just as the baby is falling into a deep sleep! If you don't have any other choice, we can set them up with a movie in my family room!

When should I schedule my session? Babies should be younger than 3 weeks for a newborn portrait session. Contact me before your due date and I will block some time off for you. Once you have the baby, I will be in touch to schedule an exact date.

Cost? And what is included? A newborn portrait session includes 30+ images in a downloadable gallery. The cost is $275. I highly recommend printing wall prints, canvases, or albums through me as these are images you will want to keep forever. I will have some samples available for you to look at.

Storytelling Session


Think back to when you were born.

What do you wish you had photos of? I have seen several photos of me as a newborn, but my favorite ones are the ones that show hints of what life was like in 1983. Gold appliances, avocado colored tub, brown and cream crocheted afghans. One thing I have never seen is what my nursery looked like. What colors were prominent? Where did my mom sit to rock me? What did my crib look like? Did I have any stuffed animals?

A storytelling session can answer all those questions for your little one who, 25 years from now, is having her own baby. She'll be able to look back at your house, your life, your style from 2018.


Where do we do this session? I will come to your house! I know, it's a bit daunting to think about someone coming over while you have a newborn. However, I promise that you only need to clean 3, maybe 4 rooms: the nursery and the family room for sure, and possibly the master bedroom and the kitchen (feel free to throw everything else in a spare room or behind the couch).

Why all those rooms? You will want photos of the nursery, because that's baby's first room! The family room, because you probably spend quite a bit of time there. The kitchen, because a sink bath for baby is adorable and typically the light is great. The master bedroom (or a guest bedroom if it's prettier) if you want snuggly, on the bed photos.

What does a session look like? Much like a family storytelling session, I want you to act like YOU. If this is your first baby, we will take photos of you rocking them, changing a diaper, feeding (if desired), bath time, and just hanging out. Again, connection is the most important thing here! Lots of touching, looking, kissing. If you have older kids, we will do a lot of the same things, only the time might be a bit more chaotic and unscripted, but those turn out to be the best images: you doing the whole mom thing.

Can I add on baby portraits? I will take some time to take photos of the baby by herself. However, they will not look like the photos from a portrait session (I don't bring all the gear and things I need with me). But, they will be portraits that reflect your style! Have a cute rug or blanket? I'll put baby on that! His outfit can be whatever you like best: white onesie, adorable sleeper from that cute boutique, just a diaper, or swaddled in a soft muslin blanket. The thing to note is that these photos will be what you plan for them to be! These are both in-home portraits and see how they reflect the family's style?

How long does it take? I plan to be at your house for about an hour. Since this is a storytelling session, I want to tell the story of your day. Plan some activities for your older kids where you and the baby can be around - even just lunch time, play time, story time. Read your newborn a book, give them a bath, snuggle them, do the dishes while carrying them in a wrap.

When should I schedule this session? Newborn storytelling sessions can be done up to 2 months old. I actually prefer if the baby is little older, such as 2-4 weeks, because they are starting to notice and interact with their world a bit more. I usually schedule this session in the morning since babies are typically happiest then.

Cost? And what is included? A newborn storytelling session includes 30+ photos in a downloadable online gallery and a 1-2 minute fusion video set to music. The cost is $275 plus tax.

Maternity Session


You may not feel like it, but you're gorgeous. That baby bump. The way you glow. Capture this time, mamas: when it's just you and your spouse or your family before you add another member to it.

A maternity session is only $125 when booked with a newborn session. I prefer an outside portrait session if the weather cooperates, but we could also do a mini in-home storytelling session (especially if this is not your first baby and you're so over getting dressed up and sitting in a field). I've also seen beautiful maternity storytelling sessions done at Target! Either way, a session will be about 30-45 minutes and can include the rest of your family.

and that's a wrap!

I hope this guide answered some of your questions and left you wanting every single one of the sessions :) Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions about any of the sessions. I love newborns and can't wait to be part of this chapter in your family's life!

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