Finding a friend By:Eliana Sabala

Sal moves with her dad to Kentucky to Ohio

Sal "Differences between Kentucky and Ohio"

Phoebe stares from her window

Sal meets Phoebe

Sal meets Mrs.Cadaver

Sal meets Mrs.Partridge

Sal starts school and meets different kinds of kids

Sal goes to Phoebe's house for dinner

Margaret helps Sal's Dad find a job

Phoebe is suspicious of Mrs.Cadaver because of her name

Sal goes to Phoebe's house

Sal has a memory of her mom and blackberries

Sal goes to Mary Lou's house

Stranger shows up at Phoebe's house:her family is keeping a secrets

Mr.Birkway collected the journals on the first day of school


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "friends sympathy friendship" • tpsdave - "columbus ohio city" • USA-Reiseblogger - "kentucky usa america" • Sean McMenemy - "window" • cherylholt - "best friends girls friendship" • cuncon - "girl asia people" • milliepants - "woman" • MJ555 - "kids school class" • ryochiji - "dinner!" • FirmBee - "office freelancer computer" • Thomas Leuthard - "Suspicious..." • oatsy40 - "House" • born1945 - "Blackberries" • - "House" • Lel4nd - "049/365 Stranger" • gbSk - "journals"

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