Good Life Nature Activity By: Kenneth Magee

Nature on Display:

The woolly mammoth skeleton exhibit caught my eye as soon as I entered the museum. The imposing skeleton was showing the full glory of nature even when long gone. This exhibit served as a reminder for just how grand and beautiful nature can be and how animals have changed over time. This exhibit helped me to understand the scale of nature and how big things can be in real life. The replication of the skeleton helped me to picture the woolly mammoth more vividly than if it had been a painting or some other medium. I enjoyed the learning that went on at the museum, it was a intellectual delight as well as a visual one.

Nature and Ethics: The fishing exhibit

The fishing exhibit was a true eye opener about the ethics of humans with regards to nature. Humans both like to idolize nature, and to exploit it for profits and naturally, the exploitation has taken over. For humans to truly appreciate nature, the potential profit has to be foregone and the beauty of nature must be preserved and observed. The museum allowed me to view nature as Leopold recommends. The museum allowed the visitors to connect with nature by having life-like exhibits and immersive experiences. The trip to the museum did not instill an ethical responsibility to conserve nature in me.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

The human spirit was much more deeply connected to nature in the past with a more direct connection to living in nature. The museum helps us step out of our normal urban lives and take time to appreciate many of nature's gifts. This museum helps us to understand our role in nature as not just the destroyers for profit, but also the conservative protectors for beauty and peace in nature.

Works cited: Picture of Museum

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