BallStriking LEftFoot Coaching Academy

General Equipment Needed:

  • 2 Ladders
  • 4 big yellow cones
  • 5 big blue cones
  • 12 coaching sticks
  • While the Coaching Partners are setting the BallStriking structural activity up the Master Coach is doing the BallStriking warmup in the center of the field (center of the activity)


Split the group into 2. The 2 groups will line up behind the 2 yellow cones on either side of the blue cone. They will go up to the other yellow cone and then back to the center blue cone and then back to their original cone (they move in 2 triangles).

  • quad stretch
  • calf stretch
  • knee pull to lunge
  • side lunge
  • Frankensteins
  • supermans
  • pitter patter knee snaps
  • crossover knee snaps
  • statue of liberty (YA only)
  • flightholds, flightholds with knee snaps, flightholds with knee snap crossover
  • flighthold with follow through
  • 3 different strikes knee snaps

Structural Activity

The 2 groups of students will start on the same side of the field (on the short side of the field) behind either of the 2 blue cones. They will then weave through the coaching sticks do an activity through the ladder and weave through the last coaching sticks. When they get to the end of the last coaching stick they will then receive a ball (how they receive it is dependent on the progression).


  1. lines alternate, they receive the ball from a coach with their back facing the goal, turn with it and shoot
  2. lines alternate, they receive the ball running onto it and shoot
  3. lines alternate, they receive the ball running onto it, do a release technique, and shoot
  4. lines go at the same time, coach plays a ball in, and whoever gets through the course first gets the ball (1 v. 1)
  5. lines go at the same time, coach plays a ball in, and whoever gets the ball first gets to add an extra player (2 v. 1)
Strucutural Activity from the side
Aerial view of Ballstriking Strucutural Activity

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