Speed what is it?

What is Speed?

Speed is the rate at which someone or someone is moving. Speed is essential to transportation, without speed in the world you can’t move. If there was no speed everything around will be still at 0 m/s. Newton's first law “Once moving at a steady speed in a straight line, it will continue moving at a steady speed, in a straight line.” states that speed is a necessity to movement.

These shows movement at high speeds.

No Control of Speed

If the problem you are having is that you have no control of speed, than the way to solve it is easy. All you need to do is add more friction to the movement. The friction will slow down the speed and eventually stop the vehicle or object. Friction is the resistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over another.

This picture shows making sparks from friction.

How to Get a Mach Speed

To get to a mach speed all you have to do get a way of transportation that can break the sound barrier. Mach speed 1 is about 480 miles per hour which is enough to break the sound barrier. First, start of slow and work your way up in speed. Next, when you get to 480 miles per hour you will be in mach 1 and also have broken the sound barrier. If you want to get to mach 1 or above than it is just 480 times the mach you want it to be.

These picture shows jets flying at a mach speed.

How Speed Causes Distance

If you have speed, the speed will cause distance. Speed is part of motion and motion causes distance. Speed doesn’t technically count as moving or causing distance but it adds acceleration to the motion which cause a faster rate of movement which means more distance. The slower the speed the less distance there is, the faster the speed the more distance there is.

These pictures are showing races for distance and time.

Speed and Movement

The exact definition of speed is “the rate at which someone or something can move or operate” and the exact definition of movement is “an act of changing physical location or position or of having this changed.” The difference between them is that speed is how fast something is moving and that movement is something moving.

This picture shows someone getting ready to start moving at optimal speed.


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