How to Become the Next Legendary Hitter in Baseball! By: Tommy Gilligan

I have been playing baseball for six years and I know a lot about the sport. I made majors last year and I got a lot of good hits even when the pitcher was great.

Step 1: Before your at bat, study the pitcher to find out what his motion is like, his speed in which he throws, and his control, just so that you have an idea of what you're in for when you step up to the plate.

Step 2: If the pitcher does not have a lot control, don't swing at the first pitch. Most likely, it will be a ball. If the pitcher does have a lot of control, and the first pitch is a good one, swing at it. If the pitcher’s speed intimidates you, and you're not sure you will hit the ball, watch the first pitch go by to see how quickly you will have to swing.

Step 3: If the first pitch was a ball, then take the next pitch too. When there is a 2-0 count, the pitcher gets nervous, throws slower, and makes sure the pitch is a strike. Get ready to swing on the pitch.

Step 4: Before you swing, keep your body weight back on your back foot to get as much power as possible. When you are ready to swing, turn your whole body (along with the bat) towards the ball and swing as hard as you can without taking your eye off the ball. If you do take your eye off of the ball, you will lose it and swing somewhere other than at the ball.

Step 5: After you hit the ball, follow through with the bat all the way to your back. This will ensure that you hit the ball as hard as you could have. Make sure you don't throw the bat as you get ready to run to first base.

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