Predator-class Heavy flying Frigate by jose soler

The Predator-class Heavy Flying Frigate is the first of the airships line, built for the Terra Nova Military. The vessel features technological advancements including Anti-Grav. Fusion drives and Railguns. The "Heavy" designation came from the excessive caliber from the Railguns. It mounts three of these guns: One on the forecastle, one on the keel and one Prow RailGun. Its a fast ship for its type and boasts hefty armor and armament; which includes 8x Hrpoon Anti-ship missiles, 1x RAM launcher, 1x VLS w/ 32 cells, 2x Phalanx mk. II CIWS, 2x 57mm Bofors Guns and over 4x or more .50cal Machine guns. It also includes sophisticated sensors and detection systems with a few decoy launchers on the keel. It also includes a helicopter landing pad and hangar w/ facilities. Finally it features a A1B nuclear reactor for producing over 300MW of power, to suply the ships complex engines and Anti-G drives along with the railguns and rest of the ship.


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