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Thank you for visiting the virtual open house for the South Pleasant Valley Road Project. The purpose of this open house is to share the proposed roadway configuration and improvements, construction information, and next steps with the community.

The virtual open house is available from January 13 to January 27, 2020.

Project Introduction

Schedule and Timeline

Project Schedule

Comments received during Open House #1 indicated that the public is concerned with impacts to traffic operations during construction, access to future developments, right-of-way encroachments, and safety. These comments were considered during refinement of the proposed alignment and are reflected in the exhibits below.

Proposed Project Improvements

Proposed Typical Section

Project Improvements include:

  • Expanding the roadway from a two-lane road to a divided four-lane road
  • Elevating the existing roadway and the FM 1327 intersection out of the floodplain
  • Re-aligning the roadway to minimize sharp turns and improve sight distance
  • Adding sidewalks and bicycle lanes

After the first open house, the project team evaluated four alternative alignments to determine the alignment that best meets the project priorities of safety, mobility, and connectivity.

Characteristics of each alternative were incorporated into an Evaluation Criteria Matrix (below) to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of each alignment. This matrix compares quantitative characteristics to objectively identify the most feasible alignment that best meets all criteria.

Evaluation Criteria Matrix

As the results of the Evaluation Criteria Matrix indicate, the Pink alignment best meets the County's priorities for this project. It provides the optimal configuration for crossing over the Rinard Creek floodplain, minimizes impacts and disruptions to FM 1327, and optimizes the long-term maintenance needs of the roadway and Rinard Creek.

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Thank you!

Travis County appreciates your time and interest in this project. We look forward to making these improvements to the future South Pleasant Valley Road.

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