Five facts about college admission By: Kamiran Hinton

With juniors having recently completed their ACTs, college admissions could be on many student's minds. Here's five important things to know about college admission.

1. Manners matter

Your communication—and your parents' communication—with the school is tracked, so any pushiness or rudeness will be noted by the admissions officer. Make sure that you respect your admissions officer and word your emails carefully.

2. Your application is briefly looked over

Admissions evaluators at colleges, such as Brown get 12 minutes to look over an applicant's submission and make a decision on the admissibility of the applicant. Make your application short, concise and don't include any information that the college would already have on file.

3. Even outstanding candidates might not make it

Until the dean of admissions starts to shape the class, nothing is final. Students who are moved to "defer" or "wait list" along the way to being admitted may still be accepted. Depending on class size, you could be dropped even if you're a relatively outstanding candidate for the college, so diversify your college selections to help you get into at least one.

4. Getting an interview is an advantage

Applicants who are interviewed have a higher acceptance rate than applicants without one. An interview lets you bring more personality to your application, so take advantage of that. To increase your chances of getting an interview, ask about getting one in your application.

5. Ask questions

Getting a chance to sit down for an interview is only beneficial if you make an impression on the admissions officer. Expressing your enthusiasm for the college will help your impression with your admissions officer.

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