Never Fall Down By: Patricia McCormick

Arn was from the area of Battambang. This area borders Thailand in the North West part of Cambodia.

This map shows the greenery for planting rice paddies and access to all the lakes and waterways throughout the country. This also leads to hot and humid days, especially if forced to work in fields without proper nutrients. Eating rice or small amounts of starch, do not sustain a healthy diet for farmers. The malnutrition led to lots of untimely deaths.

The field is a result of burial grounds. The humps are dug grave sites filled with hundreds to thousands of individuals remains.

The clothing left on he tree trunk represents those taken from the people before they knelt down to die.

The sign says it all. Although now a museum, it still holds the remains of people's ancestors. Many are still in their original place of death.

The boys face says it all. The picture represents death, loss of innocence, and

The Killing Filelds now are labeled with remnants of the victims that lie beneath your feet.

This tree is a tree still stained by the blood of children killed against it. Visitors leave bracelets and prayers from all of the world and of many faiths who visit the spot.

This is a memorial that has actual skulls and items used for the murders displayed at multiple levels through the glass.

This is an actual cot used by those taken to prison during the reign of the Khmer Rouge.

This is the actual size of the living quarters for those taken to prison during the time of the Khmer Rouge.

Was Angkor powerful for the Khmer Rouge or for the spirit of those trying to survive? Arn played his khim and danced to melodies in the name of Angka, to the revolution, to this new period of time.

This picture was chosen for the gold. The bright desire to survive, to work hard, to endure in a time of genocide. People did not fight. They continued on and believed in the hope Angka would save them.

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