BNA: A Time Of Progress By: Aymen Saeed 76

...The Expulsion of the Acadians...

(1755 to 1763)Let's start with the Expulsion of the Acadians...

Being chased into a random ship with absolutely nothing in the middle of the day. THAT is probably everyone's least thought nightmare. That is what happened to the Acadians. Their houses and farms were burnt to the ground. Most of the Acadian families were torn apart. Only a few escaped but only a quarter of the ones that escaped lived to tell the tale. ALL of this happened during 'The Expulsion Of The Acadians'

The Reason...

The reason this madness had began was because the British felt threatened by the Acadians and the French. So the British tried to get the Acadians on their side by asking them to sign an agreement that stated that if there were ever to be a war between the British an the French, the Acadians would have to fight against the French but of course, the Acadians refused. And because of this the British decided to take action. You see, the Acadians were FRENCH-speaking farmers living on BRITISH land. They could've easily eavesdropped on the British and given the information to the French. The British were afraid that this might happen so they deported them to other parts of BNA or to UK.

What happened after the Acadians got deported...

The consequences were rather large, some good, some not-so-good:

  • The British now had more land therefore more money.
  • BNA lost about 10,000 of its citizens therefore less population BUT also more room for immigrants from Europe.
  • A few people died.
  • Families were separated and never found each other.
  • Houses, farms and crops were destroyed therefore not as much food as before because of the fact that most of the Acadians were FARMERS that provided food.

Why should I care? Why is this important to learn about?

Well, maybe because it was the day when almost an ENTIRE nation was kicked out from its natural environment. And maybe because the British could have settled on an agreement instead of chasing the Acadians out. Maybe because this was the snowball at the top of the hill as in after the Acadians got deported, everything went into a downward spiral but as time progressed things got better.

Decline OR Progression?

In my opinion, this may have been a decline AND a progression (it depends on which you look at it through) like its a decline because several lives were lost and the British could've easily settled on an agreement instead of barging into peoples' homes and kicking them out without any knowledge of where they're going and if they were to do that, maybe let them know where they're going and let them some time to prepare. And this is also a progression because the British got more land AND more money. More immigrants could immigrate to BNA because now they had MORE space!

...The American Revolution...

(1765 to 1783) The American Revolution

The event that took place after the Seven Years' War was the American Revolution AKA America's fight for independence. It all started with the Thirteen Colonies being forced to pay taxes to repay from the Sevens Years' War. And it ended with the US becoming its own country.

The Reason...

A lot of people can agree that there were many reasons why this war was declared but everyone can agree that the main reason was the whole Taxation without Representation thing. Everyone from the Thirteen Colonies was forced to pay taxes to repair the damage from the Seven Years' War. But the thing that bugged the citizens from the Thirteen Colonies was that why should THEY pay taxes when they didn't even do anything? So everyone from the Thirteen Colonies decide to demand citizen rights from the British but obviously the British said N-O. Tensions started rising between the two nations therefore resulting in yet ANOTHER war but this time (with the help of the Native Americans) the French WIN!

What happened AFTER the American Revolution? And why should I care?

Well, America became INDEPENDENT. It became its own country on July 4th, 1776 hence the whole fireworks thing that happens every year on the Fourth of July.

Decline OR Progression?

In my opinion, this really progressed our era as human beings! It was truly one of the worst and one of the best historical events in my opinion.

(1812 to 1814) And finally, The War of 1812

In 1812, The United States had lost all their patience against the British. From all the interference's with the American Ships and the taxes to the British bragging about ALWAYS being right AKA Jingoism and the many conflicts with Europe. The US decided to declare a war upon the British for all of their tomfoolery.

The Reason...

First and for most, the British were acting like they owned the place and they were SUPERIOR to everyone else. and that was really making the US mad. And then, there was also the interference's with the American trade thing like they weren't letting the American ships in to transport their goods. And don't even get me started on the taxes, like they were just taxing everyone for the most basic of things that everyone needs. Kinda dumb in my opinion. I'm kind of surprised that the US didn't declare the 'Second War of Independence' earlier.

What happened after the war?

A lot of things actually. A lot of things were done to make everyone feel better and other things too:

  • The Era of Good Feelings was established. It was marked a period in which the US got a sense of national sense and desired equality amongst all.
  • But of course, several lives were lost.
  • The British got some sense knocked into them.
  • The US became fully independent,

Why should I care? Why is this important to learn about?

Well maybe you should care because an entire nation opposed with the ideas and actions of another such as not letting their troops in, kept the supplies that were supposed to be transported and more? Maybe because after the war ended, America itself became stronger and more independent. Maybe because America found its self worth and national sense. Maybe because America finally desired unity among all.

Decline OR Progression?

In my opinion, this also progressed our era. Every nation learned to fight for its rights and actually BECAME stronger and better.

Did BNA ultimately progress as a result of the Conflicts and the Challenges of the 1700's?

To be honest, YES! Yes it did! I mean things could have gone so much worse but everyone counted on each other to help the other one out. Maybe some of these historical events were mistakes but they ALL happened for a reason! You know what they say, "Learn from your mistakes" You're probably wondering, "What does that have to do with this?" Well, come to think of it, if the early explorers never 'ACCIDENTALLY' founded BNA, we would have not be here right now. Life would be WAY different if that small mistake didn't happen! If the Acadians weren't deported, there wouldn't have been many english-speakers. Many of us would have been French-speaking citizens. And maybe Canada would have just been known as "British North America"

"Everything happens for a reason."

The End.


  • The history books from Ms. Neath's room
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