The Last Herd An action Motion picture based on truth

The genre of this film is a love story and action set in Africa in the world of Elephant poaching.

  • Wildlife hunting is big business worth $17 billion dollars a year and growing.
  • The most common poaching gun in east Africa is the AK47.
  • The price of a rifle in Kenya is around $100-120 – a mere fraction of the money that can be made from just one elephant (a single tusk can be worth up to $240).
  • In China such a tusk would sell for more than $2000.
  • Animal rights groups estimate that poachers in Africa kill between 25,000 and 35,000 elephants annually – meaning about 104 die a day.
  • Of the 157 poaching-related cases detected in Kenya in the past three years, less than five per cent have been prosecuted.
  • Elephants share human traits. They have similar care for their off spring, can be left-handed, have the ability to grieve and – true to reputation – have amazing memories.
  • Terrorists have taken to killing elephants to fund their extreme political and religious agendas.
  • Celebrities want to help save the elephants so we will secure good PR. They include Yao Ming, Ricky Gervais, Jon Stewart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kristin Davis, Angelina Jolie, Ian Somerhalder, Ed Norton, David Beckham, Prince Harry.

Elephants will be extinct by 2020

Unless someone does something to save them and stop them becoming the LAST HERD


Following the tragic and untimely death of his best friend, Dave Cunningham, killed in combat in Syria, Jack Durang makes the arduous trek to Kenya to carry out his last wishes.

There, he searches for Dave’s daughter, Sara Cunningham, to both deliver the bad news and a box of personal items and letters. A supposed wild life activist working to save the elephants - their population diminishing at an alarming rate - Sara is, nonetheless, nowhere to be found. Instead, Jack meets and becomes smitten with Dawn Widmeyer, a gorgeous business woman with an import/export company - its main product elephant tusks, sold for their valuable ivory. Defeated by life, not to mention his best friend’s horrific death, and hardly committed to the elephant cause, or any other for that matter, Jack is more interested in having a sexual tryst with Dawn, who couldn’t be less interested. In short, Jack soon comes to realize that Dawn is actually Sara, undercover in an attempt to infiltrate and bring down the poachers and corrupt officials who are making the illegal transporting and sale of the ivory happen. When Jack confronts Sara and lets her know that he knows who she really is, she wants nothing to do with him or anything regarding her father, who she’s been estranged from for years. She essentially begs him to “go away” and pretend like he never found her. Jack, however, can’t let it go, in part because of the imminent danger he realizes his best friend’s daughter is facing, but also because he slowly becomes drawn into the cause as he witnesses elephants being slaughtered and left for dead for profit.

The main catalyst for this is a baby elephant, Molly, that he meets as the other elephants are burying the bones of her mother. Clearly in pain and beside herself, Molly, surprisingly, takes to Jack - and he, eventually, to her. Meanwhile, the MAIN HERD OF ELEPHANTS is starting their trek across country to migrate to a better climate and to where there’s, seasonably, more water. Sara and her activist cohorts follow the herd to protect them from poachers. They transport Molly with them, intent on delivering the baby elephant to a wildlife sanctuary that Sara’s late mother, Della, had created.

Jack and Sara’s relationship is combustible and anything but easy, but they both, nonetheless, slowly begin to thaw as they’re forced to face obstacles together along the way. Their initial challenge is the poachers, who have a field day killing elephants in the herd, out in the open. All but morphing back into his former expertise military self/mode, Jack succeeds in taking out several poachers, though he cannot totally stop the killing of the elephants, despite his best efforts.

Sara appreciates Jack’s numbness when processing the horrors of what he’s witnessed firsthand - something she’s gotten used to in he bush - Jack becomes a conduit to her realizing that her father wasn’t the monster she perceived him as. In fact, it’s through Jack that she learns that he’d been trying to find and reach her for years. Their collective moment of vulnerability doesn’t last long as, when they finally reach the elephant sanctuary, they find it’s been all but burned to the ground by Al-Shabaab terrorists. A normally strong and resilient Sara is totally deflated in defeat, so Jack takes the lead in rebuilding the sanctuary - with the help of the native Massai. Touched by his commitment, Sara drops all of her defenses and she and Jack consummate their love and relationship and have sex. Unfortunately, this moment of paradise, too, is interrupted by the Al-Shabaab terrorists when they poison a lake in the elephant’s path.

Together, Jack and Sara and their cohorts, as well as the Massai, come to the elephants’ defense - but its gnarly. The terrorists not only kill elephants, but some of our team - and then kidnap Sara. Forced to save the newfound love of his life, Jack not only infiltrates the Al-Shabaab terrorists camp, but also that of those who buy the tusks from the terrorists and transport them to the rest of the world, illegally. He saves Sara under serious risk. Together, Sara and Jack make a plea to the world to outlaw the sale of ivory - then head back to the sanctuary to continue fighting for their cause together.

This is fiction but based on reality. One of the leading Elephant Charities that sends special forces to Africa to train the rangers endorsed the screenplay.

Director are being approached and we would like to go to the actor wish list below.

Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal
Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Emma Stone

Production Strategy is to work with the best company for South African production - Moonlighting Films who are widely recognised as South Africa’s foremost Production Company in the provision of highly skilled motion picture and television co-productions and production services.Founded by Genevieve Hofmeyr and Philip Key in 1997, the company has serviced, produced and/or structured finance for more than fifty international motion picture and television productions. With experience that allows the flexibility to understand all types of budget, the company’s productions range from big budget Hollywood studio pictures to smaller television dramas and documentaries.

Quality services rendered by Moonlighting Films and supervised by Hofmeyr, have assisted in the successful execution of the off-shore production of numerous mainstream Hollywood motion pictures, many helmed by filmmakers such as Clint Eastwood, Edward Zwick, Michael Mann, Marc Forster, Roland Emmerich, Phillip Noyce, Mira Nair and Bruce Beresford.

In addition to its significant influence in positioning South Africa as a proficient and cost competitive filming destination, Moonlighting Films has been a front-runner in the development of the local entertainment industry, structuring co-productions and maximizing government subsidies.

Budget expected to come out around $25-30MM

Budge tis subject to the level of cast.

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