UNISON #ratemyboard competition results


London Ambulance Service branch for their Battersea station board. Judges' comments:

“Wow – this board is very well designed, energetic and eye catching. Includes a whole section on UNISON achievements, well-designed branch materials that sit alongside national materials and a fantastic poster of pictures of branch members showing why they are proud that the site is 100% UNISON.”

– Runners-up –

UNISON West Berkshire

“A great looking board overall but with two killer ideas that other branches could learn from – the photo board of reps (really engaging way of putting a face on the union) and the Your Friend at Work initiative.”

Loughborough University

“A big lively-looking board with lots of materials. I like the way they’ve themed the member benefits under headings and also the use of the “Step Up” footprints to introduce some graphics.”

UNISON Manchester

“A colourful and lively board packed with information. Includes local contact details and lots of encouragement to get more involved in UNISON through the branch and through self-organisation. No doubt that this branch is well organised and active.”

–Shortlisted & highly commended–

Knowsley UNISON for their entry no.5

“A packed noticeboard crammed with info. It does give an impression of activity because there’s so much on it – including what looks like a branch newsletter. I liked the use of the large picture of the big UNISON letters.”

Gateshead Health Branch (Bensham Hospital)

“Lively looking board with a mix of content, including a photo-sheet of branch officers. Uses bunting to create a jolly feel which would attract members to have a look. A nice idea any branch could copy.”

George Eliot Hospital Branch

“Very pretty noticeboard which has been a labour of love for a creative UNISON activist! Loved it and it would certainly catch the eye. Leaflets and materials in leaflet holders. Could have some branch contact info included.”

Lambeth UNISON

“The branch noticeboard reinvented as a mobile organising unit - including key recruitment materials and leaflets. I hope the branch wheels it round regularly to make contact with members and potential members. A simple but creative idea.”

LAS UNISON for their Romford station entry

“Well-produced local materials, contact information and recruitment. Plus Santa and tinsel! Which might make some members roll their eyes, but it will make them notice the board again and think of it as current (so long as its not still there at Easter!)”

Norwich City UNISON

“Possibly the biggest noticeboard in UNISON! An excellent amount of space well used with a range of materials including recruitment messages, campaigning and events. Obviously newly updated.”

UNISON Fife Health

“Great use of a double-width noticeboard with content themed around “Well at Work” – a nice welcoming way into the union. Feels like someone has thought about how to communicate with members and cares about how the union is presented. The theming is an idea well worth stealing.”

Thank you to all branches who took part, and congratulations to the winners!


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