Johnny Appleseed And how he was a hero

Johnny Appleseed was born in 1774,September 26.Also,people called him Johnny Appleseed because he was a big apple lover.Johnny's real name is John Chapman.Near Johnny's second birthday,his mother and newborn brother died.His father married a woman named Lucy Cooley and left the army.

At the age of fourteen,boys could soon get a job.Johnny learned how to grow apples by working in an apple orchard when he was a teenager.His interest in apples grew.Johnny's time,apples had many uses,and lots of people grew them.But settlers wouldn't have room in there wagons for bags of appleseeds.That gave Johnny an idea.

Throughout Johnny's life,as a hobby he liked to plant apple trees.He got the seeds from cider mills he passed in Pennsylvania.John Chapman grew trees and supplied apple seeds to settlers.Wherever Johnny went he always carried a sack of apple seeds and walked miles and miles planting apple seeds.Johnny would carry apples around for a snack.

Soon,in all of America,everybody knew John Chapman.He was hard to forget.Johnny didn't just randomly plant apple trees because it was a hobby and he loved it,the trees that he planted had multiple purposes.

Sometimes,if a family was struggling he would give them some money.Johnny cared for everybody he met.Soon,Johnny became a hero to people.But,sadly on march 18, 1845 Johnny Appleseed died.He became a legend and he continued to be a legend.

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