The yacht Granma is a Cuban vessel that left from Mexico with 82 passengers where was the president who was of Cuba at some time and called Fidel Castro. Whose boat was an American company. In it were important figures of the Cuban people such as Che Guevara, Raul Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos, Juan Almeida Bosque and Ramiro Vald├ęs, among others.The yacht arrives in Cuba on December 2 from 1956.

In this image it is demonstrated the crossing that the people who sailed on the yacht Granma. The person wearing the glasses is president of Cuba or the president was named Fidel Castro. The other person who is shirtless is Ernesto Che Gevara . They were fishing in teh CARIBBEAN sea. They could also plan their strategies for when they reached the Cuban coast.


This is important because it lacks a historical and grandiose echo. Keep the past for us to live in the present. It teaches and educates people and creates the of appreciating what they have because other people sacrificed for them. It is important habit because you must value and respect the echos and articles of people who fought for the future of other people regardless of the risk they take.

To get to Las Coloradas in Niquero that was near where the Granma yacht was stranded. You should take a flight from Houston to Miami and from Miami fly to the nearest provinces. That will be the port of Holgin and the one from Manzanillo. At the airport you can ask a tour guide or you can go and experience your own. You must be very careful because it is not like this country that there are many signs that give you places there in Cuba is not the same everything is very different.

Visit the Yacht Granma because because it is an important part of Cuban history.And it is also a sacred place for Cubans. They all know of that place and the meaning that they have, they also know the information of that place. Importance is total in the Cuban people. Some people believe that it is only a museum but for me it is not so because many people sacrificed themselves to be the people we are today.Each person looks at things from a different point of view so we do not deviate from them because we are not all equal and no one in the world is perfect.

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