O'Dea High School Middle School Leadership Summit May 11th, 2019

May 11th, 2019

9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Keynote Speaker

Ryan Kennedy O'Dea Class of 2010

Ryan told the story of his time in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso. Ryan shared about the power of listening, humility, and laughter.

7 Pillars of Servant Leadership

Prioritize Care ~ Share Power ~ Demonstrate Care ~ Develop Others ~ Share Wealth ~ Build Trust ~ Create a Safe Space

Leadership Activities

Activity #1 Your Leadership Style

Goals: To use a leadership assessment tool to reflect on personal leadership traits.

Mishael Powell greets his team and prepares them to discuss their leadership style
Jack Iriwin '19 guides attendees through a leadership style assessment
Isaiah Needham '20 unpacks with attendees their leadership styles

Keys to Communication

Goals: To improve team communication and to overcome challenges and find a way to work together

Michael Aksdall '21 explains the Keys to Communication activity to a team of attendees
Attendees practice their communication skills guiding a blindfolded team member in unlocking a number combination lock
Blindfolded attendees listen to their team members guide them to their locks and keys

Knot It!

Objectives: To understand the challenge of communication and to experience the role emotions play in our communication

Teams of attendees must create a knot without letting go of their ends of the rope

Student leaders demonstrate effective communication styles
Student leaders gather groups together to encourage them to try the activity again
Student leaders unpack and reflect on the activity with attendees

Final Reflection

Objectives: To reflect on the day and discuss what attendees learned

Attendee references the leadership style packet to understand more his leadership style
Isiah Needham '21 helps attendees understand the reflection activity
Director of House Rory McNulty joins the discussion in the Orange group

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