Northview football Culture is the key to a new era


This will be our program’s calling card, and it will impact every decision, and everything that we (coaches and players) do as a program

"Leave A Mark" will be all encompassing and covers:

- On the field with our fast, aggressive, physical style of play
- At school in our interactions with teachers, administrators, peers, and complete strangers
- In the community with our actions and community service


These Core Values Will Define Our Culture

FOUNDATION - TOUGHNESS: This is the cornerstone of all successful football programs and cultures - both mentally and physcially
FOUNDATION - UNQUESTIONABLE EFFORT: As a program, we constantly strive to play at a level where our effort is never in question. Effort requires ZERO talent. Coaches should never turn on the film and question someone's effort in our program.
PILLAR - DEPENDABLE: Regardless of the circumstances or adversity, you will always know that you can depend on a Wildcat football player. Being dependable also encompasses both honesty and discipline - they are interwoven.
PILLAR - COMPETITION: Everything that we do in our program will be centered on competition, from our off season weightlifting to our daily drills, to game day. Elite programs understand how to compete, and the value that competition brings to life beyond football
PILLAR - FEARLESS: We will strive to develop players that face adversity without flinching. That is what fearless means to me. After a mistake, that means focusing on the next play without displaying negative body language.
PILLAR - EARN IT: Players in our program will earn everything they're given from their locker, to helmet logos, to jerseys. NOTHING will be handed to them on a silver platter.
PILLAR - UNSELFISH: Our program will have no room for selfish players (or parents). We will strive to create an environment filled with guys who will do whatever it takes for the good of the team and its success.


1 - LEARN HOW TO COMPETE AND EMBRACE COMPETITION: Competition will be at the center of everything we do in practice, and we will develop accountability through a structured off season competition
2 - LEARN HOW TO WIN: Daily practice competitions and our off season program driven by competition will teach players the innate skills needed to win, and the consequences and lessons that accompany losing
3 - LEARN HOW TO HANDLE WINNING: With competitions being woven into every practice players will have to learn both how to win, and howto lose and also learn to focus on the next play, drill, rep, etc.
4 - LEARN HOW TO BE A CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL PROGRAM: This doesn't happen overnight and in order to maintain a championship level mindset we have to use it, and our trademark LEAVE A MARK in everything we do from home life, to at school, to how we treat others. You create a lasting culture of success when people come into your program knowing the expectations, embrace them, and live them in everything they do. That passes from class to class, and player to player, coach to player, player to coach, etc.
- There will also be an intense focus on the following areas: 1) creating and capitalizing off of turnovers AND 2) EXPLOSIVE plays (passes of 16+ and runs of 12+)


DEDICATION TO THIS PROFESSION: I study coaches, coaching staffs, coaching decisions, and coaching hires for a living
DEDICATION TO THE GAME: I literally think about football 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
DEDICATION TO THE GAME: While teachers are juggling lesson plans, I can game plan and talk and bounce ideas off some of the most accomplished coaches in the country
FLEXIBILITY: Being at the school around the teachers, kids, and school community is vital to future success. With permission, and as little as a broom closet and an internet connection, I can work from the school and be around the kids
NETWORKING: My connections with high school and college coaches around the country, and in West Michigan, are second to none
NETWORKING: Those connections also enable me to have resources on schemes, ideas, and advice that few others have-
NAME BRAND RECOGNITION: Every college coach checks FootballScoop and sees my name on a DAILY basis
NATIONAL PUBLICITY: I host a weekly football podcast that is among the top 10% of most listened to podcasts on iTunes where I'm able to talk to some of the top coaches in the country about topics like; the keys to taking over a program, culture, program building ideas, how to develop a winning program, recruiting, retention, etc.
MEDIA: I have extensive experience dealing with media through interviews on radio and TV by joining them to talk about college / professional football teams and coaching changes
RELATIONSHIPS: Many of the top companies in football advertise with us on the website (Hudl, GoRout, CoachComm, TeamBuildr, TeamWorks, ProGrass) and I have great relationships with each of them


(over half a million reads by fellow coaches)



1. Meet with AD, Superintendent, and Principal to discuss the vision, goals, and expectations of the program
2. Introduce myself to school secretaries, booster club, faculty, and other administration at the elementary, middle school, and high school
3. Meet with the team and discuss the new vision of the program and the culture that will be built moving forward. Discuss off season and summer schedule
4. Meet and interview all remaining members of the previous staff
5. Interview potential candidates to join the staff
6. Finalize the coaching staff
7. Meet with upcoming Senior football players, as well as outgoing players
8. Set up a signing day event for incoming 8th graders that we can coordinate with a basketball game
9. Hold THE HUNT Draft and explain points system and expectations
10. Meet with the Booster club to discuss upcoming events and schedule to promote the program
11. Meet with coaching staff (including middle school and youth programs) to go over schedule, offensive scheme, defensive scheme, special teams, roles, playbook, practice plan
12. Set up social media presence for the football program, and talk with AD about website structure
13. Meet with the head coaches of the other sports programs that are offered
14. Hold a parents meeting with parents / family of those in the program


1. love the Northview community and kids
2. are great people first, and outstanding teachers/coaches second
3. can buy into my vision for the program and get on board with both feet
4. have a track record of getting kids to play their heart out for them consistently. If they can do that, we'll be successful regardless of scheme
5. are loyal to the program, the kids, and their fellow coaches
6. are always looking for ways to improve themselves, their position groups, and our program. I have no use for "Yes Men"
7. Guys who are committed to "fascinating their guys everyday"


I am a huge believer in the 5:1 ratio.

Studies consistently show that teams that are led by coaches that provide 5 positive comments to every 1 critical comment are more successful. Think of each kid having an emotional piggy bank - you have to make deposits (in the form of positive reinforcement) before you're able to make withdrawals (critical comments)

We need to master the 10 things that require no talent (being on time, work ethic, effort, body language, energy, attitude, passion, being coach-able, doing extra, being prepared)

How to keep things fun engaging for high school kids

How we're going to make practice engaging and fun for players and staff

- Fun weight room themes (see above). These themes will continue into playoff week (day before game) to reward the team and keep guys loose while also forcing them to focus when things may be outside their comfort zone

- EVERYTHING that we do in practice will have an element of competition built into it

(I even want to find a way to win the national anthem)

- Daily 5 Minute "The Edge" competition in season- Coach vs player in catching punt challenge, coach vs. player in the red zone to catch a TD/defend a TD, etc.


Sunday: “Sunday-Funday” (Not Mandatory - Team Emphasis)

We will have an abbreviated film session, have a quick lift, followed by an interactive lesson / video that stresses one of our core values that we will emphasize for the week. I picked up this idea from Texas HS football coaches who have daily "athletic periods" built into their school day. Since we do not have that luxury, we'll use it on Sunday's
Players with academic issues will go to a study-table session during team-building activity
Coaches will meet at 3p - Players will meet at 6p to watch cut ups that we have prepared (including one based on highlightling players who give maximum effort), followed by a quick lift

Monday: “Beast Mode Monday” (Offensive emphasis)

Circle of Pain – Coaches will count the “loafs and softs” plays from Friday night where players in their position group were not giving maximum effort. Players will enter the middle of the circle, state “My name is ____ and I let the team down __ times.” We will then do that many up-downs as a team.
Music: After a win – Player choice, after a loss – Coaches Choice (could go with Boy Band Monday, Female artist Monday, 90's Monday, etc)
Situational: 1st and 10, 2nd and 3rd and long, 5 minute short yardage

Tuesday: “Turn Up Tuesday” (Defensive emphasis)

Music: Hip-Hop (edited)
Turnover circuit, Pursuit drill
Situational: 1st and 10 and 3rd and short Defense

Wednesday: “Wild’n Out Wednesday” (Offensive emphasis)

Music: Classic rock / Coaches Choice
Situational: Red Zone and Goal Line O

Thursday: “Tune-up Thursday” (Team / ST Emphasis)

Music: Anything with subliminal messages (All I Do Is Win, Heart of a Champion, etc)
Situational: 2 minute, 4 minute, Trick Plays, Game day situations (onside kick, take a safety, etc.)

Friday: “Pay Day” (Game Day)

It starts with the National Anthem. We're going to find a way to win that.

Saturday: Off

Encourage players to watch college football, especially those who run similar schemes to us

Practice Plans (in season sample)

Offense (left) Defense (right)


COMPETITION and ADVERSITY are two things that our guys will encounter daily long after they've handed in their pads. In order to be the best man, father, son, brother, etc. possible, I want them to leave with tools that will ultimately help them deal with COMPETITION and ADVERSITY.

1 - They will embrace competition

In the "real world" people are surrounded by competition - for girlfriends or wives, jobs, houses, parking spots, it is EVERYWHERE! - and our program will aim to develop players that understand this, embrace this, harness it for their benefit, and also understand how to react when things don't go their way.

2 - They will know how to deal with adversity (E + R = O)

Adversity is something that everyone encounters daily, and while many people let it define them, it will be our mission to educate players that it is not EVENTS that will define them, but how they RESPOND to it that determines the final OUTCOME. (E + R = O)

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Doug Samuels


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