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Thesis:The Globe Theatre influenced modern theatre through its structure, costumes, its structures, and the audience who participated in them.

Theatre Audience: Quote#1:"The stage of a public theater was a large platform that projected into the pit. This arrangement allowed the audience to watch from the front and sides. The performers, nearly surrounded by spectators, thus had close contact with most of their audience."(Lander)

Commentary:This was a good idea but I really how loud did most actors speak so most could hear what was happening. What happens to the people whom paid for their seats on the 3rd level isn't it a big pit or assuming did the people at the bottom kept quiet.

Quote#2:The Globe, which opened with a performance of Shakespeare's Henry V, could accommodate an audience of about three thousand people, and individuals from all walks of life attended plays there. The least expensive ticket allowed people to stand in the yard, at the base of the stage.(Shakespeare)

Commentary:Even though the tickets up high on the third story were for the rich men who paid for it the lower class was able to see the play maybe not from as high or get a seat they get to stand and see.

Quote#3:''Acting companies consisted of only men and boys because women did not perform on the Elizabethan stage...The salaried workers, who were called hirelings, took minor roles in the plays, performed the music, served as prompters, and did various odd jobs. The apprentices were boys who played the roles of women and children.''(Shakespeare)

Commentary:Shakespeare had the younger teens play as the women roles when they still had their "children voice" before it went any deeper. Also it wasn't considered a profession, and women usually stayed away from this type of work.

back in the 1500's there was not any stage lights to be used only the sun after noon

Theatre Format: Quote#4:"His theatre a "wooden O" it was a large, round (or polygonal) building, three stories high, with a large platform stage that projected from one end into a yard open to the sky" (Anderson).

Commentary:This large platform was to let the hundreds of viewers to see the different perspective to the plays. When the scavengers were at the bottom paying a penny to stand up and watch from shoulders to shoulders there were booths up high for the noble people.

Quote#5:"The play were performed in the afternoon...There were very few sets (as in scenery, furniture, etc.) The stage was "set" by the language"

Commentary:Shakespeare plays had lasted a few hours so it ended before any light went out. whenever they wanted to change scenes a character would announce something about a setting letting everyone know where they are at in imagination.

Quote#6:"The structure that enclosed the courtyard of a public theater was round, square, or many-sided. In most theaters, it probably consisted of three levels...wealthier patrons could sit on benches in the galleries."(Lander)

Commentary:It was a thoughtful idea to have the more wealthier people to sit up in the higher levels for what they have payed for. Having multiple sides to a theatre could end up for than thousand's of people.

Quote#7:"At the rear of the platform stood a two- or three-story...which moved at a rapid pace and had many scenes."(Novick)

Commentary:In this quote it states that a few things as in props were fairly used in the plays which allowed them to change scenes more rapidly. Also it says that some Theatre's have a third story but facade it musicians could be seated.

Plays and costumes:Quote#8:"plays developed from the interludes performed by wandering actors, and the classically inspired plays of schools and universities. These two traditions merged in the 1580's when a new group of playwrights, many of them university-educated, began writing for professional actors of the public theater." (Novick)

Commentary:It confirms that there most of the actors came from universities and play of schools so they spend time at a school to memorize lines and making a scene more dramatic.

Quote#9:"But costumes were often elaborated, and the stage might have been hung with colorful banners and trappings."

Commentary:This demonstrates how even though it was just a big pit of wood surrounded by many people there were colorful things to have around even if there was nothing to have as a scenery or props.

Quote#10:''Theater was a rowdy event, and the Globe's audiences were more like spectators at a sporting event than respectful and passive observers. Equally vocal and enthusiastic in their support and their criticism, audience members cheered their favorite actors and threw garbage at those they did not like." (Hager)

Commentary:This quote supports that even you would see this at a sporting events not like a performance for a orchestra or choir.

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