Gun control By jade bamberger

The current gun control laws that are in place today for the United States are stable. Many people are big on this topic because of the U.S. Congress trying to pass a law where guns are to be illegal. Many people are against guns laws being changed. There should not be anymore laws added to the current gun control laws. The current gun control laws help people defend themselves, and more laws will not decrease gun crime, violence, and deaths.

The gun control laws in the United States of America that are in place today are good because many people believe in these laws. The second amendment states “...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” (constitution 2nd amendment). Americans have a constitutional right to own guns in the United States. “ -the constitutional right to own a gun is important so they can have ability to protect themselves, -owning a gun is an important part of America’s culture, - the US Supreme Court has affirmed that the constitution protects the individual right to own a gun” (Nakaya 12). This does not mean that anybody has the right to go and change it, when that amendment says shall not infringed. And they decide to try to change the amendment and that is going against what the country has lived like for decades. “ In our constitution, gun ownership is protected just like freedom of speech, and the freedom from cruel and unusual punishment.” (Nakaya 14). And this is why they should not change the amendment because it is not right.

If a person does not have the right to bare arms, then what are they going to defend themselves with. There are many people that have been affected by home invasions and them feeling like the can not protect themselves. There are thousands of home invasions per year and if nobody is not allowed to have guns in their house they are most likely chance of getting injured because the intruder most likely has a gun in hand. Says Sheriff Denny Peyman in eastern Kentucky “ There are some places in the county that takes me 45 minutes to get to. If they have a gun, they could do a better job of defending themselves, than waiting for me”. There are many things that can happen in the time that police get there and if u have a gun in the house, also if there are children in the house that are vulnerable to harm or death, anybody should have the right to bare arms. And there is no reason that a person should not be able to have a gun to protect themselves from the intruder when they have a gun.

Then it comes to the problems with crime, violence, and death, we have no control over that. Those decisions are made by the people who do all these things. Stronger gun control laws will not prevent crime, violence, and death. “ -a persons intent on committing a mass shooting will be able to abstain a gun no matter what the laws are., - stronger gun control laws will mean the victims are unarmed and unable to protect themselves for the shooters., - allowing people to carry guns actually deters mass shootings, so the government should not strengthen gun control laws” ( Nakaya 51). This is why the gun control laws should not be changed because we have no control over anybody. Nobody can predict that someone is going to do a crime or a violent act, and deaths. One thing we can do for these problems is to do deeper background checks on the people who are buying guns and checking people houses with a criminal record with gun violence and with armed robbery and check their homes and that is a good way to try to prevent crimes, violence, and deaths.

People should join the fight and stop the government from adding additional gun control. People should write their congressman and say there should not be any more laws added to gun control. There are many things that can not be control and there are things that can be control and controlling people having guns in the house. People should have the right to protect themselves. Join the groups and people who support citizens in the United States having guns.

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Jade Bamberger


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