TERM 1 2021 NEWSLETTER Lynwood Senior High School

From The Principal's Desk

We can tell that the end of Term 1 is almost upon us, with Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns appearing everywhere, and finally, a few cooler mornings enjoyed by us all. It has been a fabulous term, with students settling in to the year quickly to enjoy a huge range of activities to engage them in their schooling – very different to the first term we experienced last year. In the following pages of this newsletter you will see many articles about these activities and I would like to acknowledge the lengths our staff go to to ensure that our students enjoy stimulating and diverse learning experiences, and the wonderful, positive way that students engage in them.

It seems like a long time ago now, but our Year 12 students performed strongly at the end of 2020, even though the year for them had been interrupted. I congratulate our ATAR Dux, Noah Tranter, and our VET Dux, Jack Evans, for their application to their studies and their success through hard work and determination. The WACE achievement rate of our Year 12 students was the highest for five years, exceeding “Like” and “Public Schools”, and the Attainment rate was 99%, again exceeding “Like” and “Public Schools". I congratulate our Year 12s of 2020 on these results, for their commitment to their studies and the corresponding success they have achieved in gaining entry to high level university courses.

I am really hoping that this year we can enjoy an uninterrupted year with all our students being able to support them to do their very best, no matter what year or what program of study they are enrolled in.

Our capital works program is currently in the development stage - $18.3million is being spent to upgrade our facilities. This will include a performing arts studio, visual arts facilities, a new gymnasium, classrooms and office spaces. Planning is well underway, with some earth works due to commence in November this year. We are all very excited about this project and the wonderful facilities that will be available to our students sometime in 2023!

This year we have welcomed some new and returning staff to our school:

  • Stefan Woroglian - Drama teacher
  • Dorothy Cooke - English teacher
  • James Harris - Science teacher
  • Alyssa Davies - English teacher
  • Li Heng Chan - Music teacher
  • Vanessa Birkenshaw - School Psychologist 3 days per week (Tues, Wed, Fri)
  • Vanessa Armitage - School Psychologist 1 day per week (Thursday)

Returning from leave:

  • Garrett Priddis - Science teacher
  • Sushma Johnson Maths teacher
  • Rebecca Benson Phys Ed teacher
  • Alison Lethlean Maths teacher
  • Andy Barrett Phys Ed teacher
  • Brigitte Pedraza Delgado IEC teacher

Kate Anderton has taken on the role of Year 11/12 LEAF Coordinator

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who support our school in so many ways, including the wonderful contributions through the P&C, School Board and other curriculum initiatives around the school. I hope you all enjoy a relaxing school break and a Happy Easter. I am looking forward to continue building on the traditions of excellence already established at Lynwood, further reinforcing its place in the community as a desirable, successful and forward thinking school.

Geraldine Hardy, Principal

"Good schools make a difference but parent involvement better predicts a child's academic performance than the quality of the school he or she attends...in other words, while both school and family involvement are important, the role of the family is stronger when it comes to academic success...this held true even when the researcher tested race, SES, marital status and family size".  Parcel et al 2012

This quote reflects the very heart of the work we do in schools everywhere and it deeply resonates with me as a school principal and as a parent. If any school hopes to enable children to be successful students, it must be with the support of the family that surrounds each and every individual child.

Lynwood Senior High School has demonstrated a strong commitment to working in partnership with parents, students and staff to enable each child to do their best, and attendance at school is the key factor in making this happen.

There is a huge body of research linking attendance to student achievement. In a major study linking poor attendance to lower NAPLAN results, they found that just missing one day of school has negative consequences for a student’s academic achievement. Somewhat embarrassingly, Australian students skip more days off school than almost any other developed country. This study found that there really is no safe level of absence students can get away with before their grades will suffer. The report’s co-author Stephen Zubrick from the University of WA stated: “A 10 day period of unauthorised absence in a year is sufficient to drop a child about a band in the NAPLAN testing”. I don’t think any parent/guardian wants to see that sort of negative impact on their child’s learning and I urge all parents and guardians to ensure that as their child moves through high school, their attendance continues to be a priority. The best gift a parent or guardian can give a child is making sure they attend school, every day, every week, every year.

If a parent or guardian needs assistance with their child in any way – please contact the school on telephone 9354 0600 and ask to speak to any of the following staff:

  • Deputy Principal Andrew Symington Year 7 - 10
  • Deputy Principal Natalie Simms Year 11 & 12
  • Manager Lower School Natalie Narducci Students Year 7 & 8
  • Manager Lower School Monique Ryan Students Year 9 & 10
  • Manager Senior School Daniel Bayliss Students Year 11 & 12
  • School Chaplain Loreto Bennetts / Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs - All Students
  • School Psychologist Vanessa Birkinshaw / Tues, Wed, Fri - All Students
  • School Psychologist Vanessa Armitage / Thursday All Students
  • Aboriginal Islander Education Officer Wayne McNamara Aboriginal Islander Students All Years
  • Vocational Education & Training Tanya Turner Students Year 11 and 12
  • Intensive English Centre Program Coordinator - Ania Duszenko
  • Psychologist – Samantha Jukich All Students in the IEC

Lower School Deputy's Report

When staff and students alike hear the phrase, ‘It’s a short term’, there’s always a small sigh of relief, tempered by the fact that Term 2 is usually a week longer. However, with the impact of COVID19 in what was to be Week 1 of 2021, that sigh, I think, turned into a bit of a groan, especially as the term progressed. Having said that, I have recently sensed a better atmosphere throughout the school. The worry, stress and concern of last year has faded slightly, and students have returned to school more focused. Positively, we did come through okay, and emboldened by that success and resilience, I think we can confidently continue to forge ahead.

I was delighted to see the new cohort of Year 7 students engage in their first week based around an alternate timetable. From the initial survey responses, they all enjoyed the various presenters and activities which we scheduled for them, and their feedback has been taken on board so we can enact some of their suggestions for the 2022 cohort. Since then, they have integrated into the school really well, and with the rest of the population, are eagerly awaiting the use of the revamped school oval and the upgraded Technologies block. I am excited to see the new machines etc that will enable our students to engage in 21st century technology.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the shorter start to the year, has a great Easter break, and is ready to go that extra mile next term when it stretches to 11 weeks.

Andrew Symington, Lower School Deputy Principal

Year 7 Coordinator's Report

The Year 7s arrived at Lynwood Senior High School with nerves and excitement ready to take on the challenge of high school. Throughout the term new friends were made, everyone got lost and all had met their teachers for the coming year. We started the term off with Transition Week which gave the opportunity for the Year 7s to tour the school, see all the departments, get involved in Everyday Leader for the first time, get their new diaries, and participate in many other fun activities. The week was very successful and hopefully gave the Year 7 students confidence coming into high school.

On Friday Week 4, the Year 7s had the chance to participate in their very first swimming carnival at Lynwood. It was great to see that we had 15+ teams nominated, and as well as a bunch of who individuals signed up for the day. Students were able to swim and compete in individual races and team races, which included the funky inflatable tube relay. Congratulations to our champions, Yong Xiang Wong and Lakeysha Townson and runner ups Emerson Spencer and Emma Farnham.

It has been a very successful start to high school for the Year 7 Cohort and sets them up for an enjoyable year. Enjoy the school holidays and come back refreshed and ready for Term 2.

Mr Pottinger, Year 7 Coordinator

Year 8 Coordinators Report

As the new Year 8 Coordinator, I am very honoured and proud to have a fantastic group of students to see through to their final year in year 12.

It has been a wonderful start to the year with excellence demonstrated across the school community. We have had our swimming carnival and interschool swimming carnival with several of our students taking out top awards. Our students are looking fabulous in their uniforms, are maintaining their good standing and have demonstrated kindness and support to our Year 7 students that started this year. We also look forward to our reward excursion at the end of Term 2, so keep it up everyone!

The TAG program this term has been based around gratitude and I am very grateful to see such dedication from our students.

Well done everyone! Have a safe holiday and I look forward to another successful term ahead.

Miss Mac, Year 8 Coordinator

Specialist Programs

Congratulations to the following Soccer Academy players, Declan Gibson, Christian Salas, Noah Cook, Lucas Kreuzer, Arron Barnes and Stanley Brown for being selected into the Junior Football West Futsal State teams. A superb effort!

South East Champions – Lynwood S.H.S Junior B Teams

The Junior Boys B Team have deservedly booked their spot in the final against Cannington C.C thanks to impressive wins over Southern River, Australian Islamic College and Darling Range. The boys were excited and a little nervous about the prospect of such an important game so early into their Lynwood journey.

The game was played at Mills Park, full pitch AstroTurf, deserving of a final. It was a shaky start to the game with Lynwood giving up the ball very easily deep in our half. This put us on the back foot which led to golden opportunities for Cannington, which on another day, could have seen us down 3-0 after 10 minutes. But we were very fortunate, and despite being physical, outplayed them, managing to only be down 1-0 at the half way mark. The Year 7 Reward Excursion to Outback Splash may also have played its part!

The half time came at a great time to regroup the boys. A great pep up speech highlighting we can make Cannington pay for those missed opportunities and changing the game play to playing more direct, gave the team a spark. A few changes and fresh legs also played a huge part in what was to come.

The second half started more brightly but we still struggled to find clear opportunities on goal. Against the run of the play halfway through this half Cannington scored a second which gave them one hand on the trophy. 2-0 down with 15 minutes to play the boys could have easily put their heads down and folded, but in true Lynwood spirit, that wasn’t going to happen. Final coaching changes moving players into different positions proved to be a coaching masterpiece. The man of the moment, Adam, who was already having a great game was put up front, and boy oh boy, did the game change. Adam found himself with the ball just inside the box, shot wide of the keeper, off the post and in. 2-1 down and the team found a new lift of energy. The boys were eager to win the ball back, and Cannington for the first time in the game, felt the pressure. Cannington gave up a cheap foul in the center of the park which saw a quick direct freekick put Adam through 1 on 1 with the keeper, and cool as you like, he slotted it past him.

2-2 and all momentum was going our way, as Lynwood believed they had it in them. With constant forward pressure, and Cannington on the backfoot, we had a corner. A well-placed corner saw but the man of the hour, Adam, time his run and jump perfectly, and with a header, smashed it straight past the goalie. 3-2 up and with only minutes to go, the boys dug deep and defended their goal well with a final last-minute golden opportunity for Cannington going begging due to Noah’s heroics. Surviving the last couple of minutes, which seemed to go on forever, the whistle was blown, and Lynwood Junior B boys had won, crowned South East Champions, in what can only be called a game for the ages.

Well done boys! Mr Galic, HPE


What has been going on in Term 1?

EaLS students started the year by welcoming the new class of Year 7s into the program at our first EaLS assembly.

During Weeks 6-8 Scitech has been working with the Year 8 EaLS delivering the NXplorers program. Students have been participating in workshops where they are working on exploring sustainability issues within our school community involving, food, water and energy. Next term they will start working on projects to start creating solutions to work toward their desired future.

Lynwood is a Climate Clever school and our EaLS students work to support our targets to reduce the school's carbon footprint. On 15 March students completed audits of classrooms, which included recording what devices used water, gas or electricity present in classrooms, offices, and other rooms around the school.

This will be used by staff and students to set targets and goals to reduce their carbon footprint.

Year 7 EaLS students conducting a recent Climate Clever Building Audit in Mrs Hardy's office.

Year 9 EaLS

On 23 March a group of now year 9 EaLS students were presented a Special Recognition Award for their NXplorers project last year. Their project was chosen by Scitech to by entered into the Global NXplorers Recognition Awards.

Left to Right Back - Jhett Tranter, Emma Qua, Jackson Campbell, Noah Machlouch, Front - Calvin Yao, Zhen Yang Liu, Toby Steed
An awesome effort by The Purritos!

Opportunities to join the Sustainability program for current students

If you are interested in Sustainability, student action and are doing well in your subjects you can apply to join the Sustainability program. You can collect an application form from the front office. If you have younger siblings in Year 6 who are interested in the program you can find out more about intake for 2022 on the school’s website.

Kim Annear, EaLS Coordinator

What’s new in the Library?

RAP (Reading Appreciation Program) 2021

The Reading Appreciation Program (RAP) exposes students to variety of literature, whether in hard copy or E books, to foster reading for pleasure. This strategy is supported by Dr Margaret Merga’s recent research (Reading Engagement for Tweens and Teens), in facilitating teenagers’ engagement in reading and highlighting the importance of library time for borrowing books.

The English Learning Area and the Intensive English Centre (IEC) support the program by enabling all Year 7 to 9 classes to participate in this program. The English Teachers book their classes in for an hour, once a fortnight and the IEC have the opportunity once per week to expose their students to the library, the joy of borrowing books and reading for pleasure.

In 2021, the RAP program will Report to Parents through English. Each year group will have unique assessments that contribute towards each student’s formal English Grade. Included in this grade is each students’ Reading Record Sheet, where students record the details of the books they read. We ask parents to support the RAP program by encouraging their child to bring their SmartRider card to school each day, to borrow books from the Lynwood SHS Library and to read at home for pleasure. Any questions regarding the RAP program can be directed to Mrs Currie in the Library or your child’s English Teacher.

Book Club

All students are invited to Lynwood SHS Book Club. This new group meets every Tuesday at Lunch in the Library Seminar Room to discuss books and authors. Bring along any books you have read and enjoyed as well as helping select books for the library to purchase. We will have teachers visiting Book Club to talk about their interesting reads. Any questions see Mrs Coten in the Library.


On 12 March, Lynwood Senior High School celebrated Pi Day, an event where mathematicians celebrate all things Pi related. At the school the Mathematics department, with the help of the whole school, organised various events in the senior block, including reciting digits of pi, listing words starting with pi, pie face, making Pi bracelets, creating pi city landscape using graph paper and lego, and finally, running our first “Pi”e eating contest.

The day was a celebration of mathematics and the students got to see an irrational side of the mathematics team (π is an irrational number). Thanks to all that helped and participated in the various events.

Roneil Billimoria, Head of Mathematics Learning Area


I’d like to welcome Alyssa Davies and Dorothy Cooke to Lynwood SHS, who joined us at the start of the year as new English teachers. They have both settled in well, teaching mainly lower school classes. Felicia O’Keeffe will be on Maternity Leave this year after welcoming a baby girl in February. Our congratulations go to Felicia and her husband on the birth of their new daughter!

This has been a short and very busy term so far, but we are on track as far as NAPLAN preparation is concerned for our Year 7 and 9 students. Year 10-12 students sat the first round of their OLNA tests this term after participating in some Intensive literacy and numeracy sessions designed to further support and prepare them for OLNA success.

On March 12th, we participated in ‘Pi Day’ to support the Mathematics Learning Area in their celebration of this day. A number of English teachers facilitated an activity involving students having to list as many words beginning with Pi as possible, in order to win a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize. This was an exciting lunch time activity which students were enthusiastic about. I’d like to thank the Mathematics Head of Learning Area, Roneil Billimoria, for inviting the English team to participate.

We are very much looking forward to the annual Interschool Debating Competition which begins next term, involving four teams of Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students, who will represent Lynwood SHS across five debating rounds. We will be confirming teams early next term so that debating preparation/coaching can begin. Watch this space for results of Round One and Two being posted on the school Facebook page throughout next term!

Have a safe and relaxing holiday!


Drama’s Delightful Duo - Miss Mac and Mr W!

It has been a wonderful start to the year in the ever-lively Drama Department. Miss Mac and our newest art member Mr W have been working hard to deliver as much fun, excitement and tears (don’t worry there fake) as Lynwood students can handle.

Our Year 7s have been getting a taste of all the delights Drama has to offer. They’ve created tableauxs, played out mimes and are now learning the joys and horrors of improvisation.

The Year 8s are destined for super stardom as they’ve been learning how to move, dance, PROJECT!, pause and remember their lines. There are many exciting things to come from this group.

The Year 9s have been learning the art of pantomime and staged combat. There’s been full blown fake fights over the remote control and chaotic games.

The terrific 10s have been working their scripts to perfection and breaking out of their shells.

Last, but certainly not least, the 11s have been pushing their talents to the limit, learning about famous Dramaturges such as Stanislavski, Laban and Grotowski, all the while running pensioner fitness classes on the Gold Coast.

We’ve started the after-school Drama Club which is a bubbling bed of creativity, as we gear up for an amazing Arts Showcase in Arts Week at the end of Term 2, and The Arts Showcase Term 3 Week 7. Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come.


Urban Hip Hop

We have had an INCREDIBLE start to the year in Dance Club every Wednesday after the school day. Our amazing students have been treated to special Urban Hip Hop sessions led by The Society Dance Company Co-owner, dancer and choreographer, Reah Lopez. Students will be performing during Arts Week this year and again at our annual Arts Showcase.


Following a very successful first year at Lynwood SHS, we are very pleased to announce that dancer and choreographer, Chabala, will be returning to amaze us with her Afrojam dance skills. Students are set to enjoy these incredible lessons every Monday after school.

Hip Hop classes are held every Wednesday from 2:40pm – 3:40pm and Afrojam every Monday from 3:00pm – 4:00pm (except public holidays).

Everyone is welcome to come along to enjoy these wonderful lessons, so join us and have some fun!

Miss Mac, Dance/Drama Teacher

Science Learning Area

On the 12th of March the Year 9 students, after deciding an hour of Science a day was not long enough, spent all day at Scitech for their Science Excursion. They interacted with displays and models in the Earth Matters exhibition, where they learnt about the importance of our Earth’s Systems and other interesting topics such as coral reefs. This was followed by exploring Scitech, watching the Planetarium show and being entertained by explosions during the Light Show.

Craig Foster, Head of Science Learning Area


ICT in the IEC

IEC students have been provided in 2021 with a well-structured ICT program to allow them to increase their competencies in the use of technology for developing 21st century skills. We warmly welcomed Brigitte Pedraza Delgado who joined our staff in a Digital Design/IEC teacher capacity. Through Brigitte’s frequent feedback we are pleased to see that all our students have already made significant progress.

The majority of students can sign in and sign out of their computers without issues. Students also know how to access Connect using different web browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Chrome, if one doesn’t work. They have become familiar with using different Connect features, including Content, Discussion, Submission and Notices. They also know how to use the Content and the Discussion tab to answer their teacher’s questions and reply to other students. Students have had an attempt at submitting an assessment using the Submissions tab. They are confident using a variety of Microsoft programs such as Microsoft, Outlook and One note.

Throughout Term 1, students have had the opportunity to explore, use efficiently or search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to gather and analyse the validity of information for a particular topic. Also, as with more use of technology and online interactions comes more responsibility, students will be learning about Digital Citizenship, copyright and Cybersafety. After that comes the fun!

As students’ skills progress, they will get to work on lots of creative projects using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Ania Duszenko, IEC Program Coordinator

Health & Physical Education

Swimming Carnival

Excellent student participation, behaviour and enthusiasm were the highlights of a highly successful and most enjoyable 2021 school Swimming Carnival. The weather was ideal, enabling the students to enjoy the mix of traditional swimming events, interspersed with some novelty and team events.

As has become the norm, the example and competitive spirit of the Senior School students flowed through to the rest of the school to ensure a successful day. The energy and passion of the Year 7s at their first Lynwood Swimming Carnival was enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to all students involved – competitors and carnival helpers - to ensure another fantastic Lynwood event.

Results of Individuals and Teams

  • Year 7 Winners - Yong Xiang Wong, Lakeyshia Townson, Team 10
  • Year 7 Runners Up - Emerson Spencer and Emma Farnham
  • Year 8 Winners - James Vogels, Mackenzie Bell, Team 11
  • Year 8 Runners Up - Adam Sene and Leyla Karow
  • Year 9 Winners - Corey Chadwick, Chloe Panton, Team 5
  • Year 9 Runners Up - Ben Lazaroo and Joyce Lim
  • Year 10 Winners - Daniel Cox, Kirsten Chan, Team 1
  • Year 10 Runners Up - Victor Gan and Olivia Pinto
  • Year 11/12 Winners - Christian Tyler, Rachel Lim, Team 11
  • Year 11 Runners Up - Nick Goddard and Myah Darby
  • Spirit of Lynwood Award - Charlotte Bennett Year 12
Well done to all of our winners!

Interschool Swimming Carnival 2021

On 16 March 50 of Lynwood’s most talented swimmers from Year 7-12 competed in the 2021 Interschool Swimming Carnival at Challenge Stadium. This was the first Interschool Carnival to take place since 2019, due to COVID-19 restrictions, therefore we were extremely excited to see both our Year 8 and 7 students represent Lynwood SHS for the very first time, with the rest of our year groups and they were awesome! There were seven other schools represented in our division, but Lynwood was set to stand out with our bright yellow and blue caps and cheerful presence.

Christian Tyler

The first event was 50m Freestyle, the favorite stroke of many, which gave students the confidence for the rest of the events. If students weren’t competing or getting ready for their next race, they were supporting their peers on the sidelines, cheering them on. Thanks to the tremendous effort of all competitors we were able to finish third place overall and score many individual and team 1st, 2nd and 3rd places! The students demonstrated athletic skill and fantastic sportsmanship and teamwork. The whole Health and Physical Education department could not be prouder of these students. A special mention goes to our Year 7 student Yong Xiang Wong who won Runner-up Champion Boy, Year 11 student, Christian Tyler, for winning Runner-up Champion Boy for Senior School and Year 8 student Mackenzie Bell.

Year 10 Coordinators' Reports

Despite a disrupted start due to lockdown, the Year 10 cohort have adjusted well to the new school year. The students have settled in well to their new timetabled classes, working hard to manage their workloads to make up for the lost week at the start of the term.

In addition to overcoming the challenges that come with a new and academically challenging school year, the Year 10s have also taken part in various activities around the school. Earlier this term, 17 students took part in the ABCN Women in Leadership program. Over three weeks, participants were mentored by successful women working within various fields of Chevron. Mentors shared their stories of challenges faced as women in the predominately male-dominated industry and the skills they used to rise in their respective fields. They then workshopped with our students to identify their own personal leadership styles, strengths and build confidence to use these in their chosen fields both within and outside of the school setting.

Next up, the students were able to beat the heat by participating in the annual Lynwood Senior High School swimming carnival. Similarly to every other year, the cohort were well represented with participants trying their best in their nominated events, ranging from individual heats for the solo competitors to team relays on inflatable floats! A big congratulations to Daniel and Kirsten who were crowned ‘Champions’, Victor and Olivia who were named ‘Runners Up’, and Team 4 who took out the ‘Group’ category.

Despite being a short 8 week term, the ACCESS 10 students have been busy taking part in a variety of activities. Under the guidance of Mrs Lucas, the group have already completed a team building day, Interview 2 Impress workshop and run a BBQ fundraiser to celebrate the National Day of Action Against Bullying! The students have worked well together to achieve success in the activities covered and look forward to seeing what fun events they complete next term.

In addition to all these events, 8 students recently began a Rural Skills program operated at Hillside Farm in Kelmscott. Here, student will work in small groups with mentors as they experience the daily operations of a farm including horticulture, machine operations and livestock management. This program will run over the year with students earning workplace points to go towards their secondary schooling.

I wish the Year 10 students, their families, and teachers a relaxing and safe Easter break.

Nicole Volaric, Year 10 Coordinator

Year 12 Coordinator – THE BALL!

On Friday 26 March, the Year 12s celebrated in style at their Masquerade Ball, which was held at the Fremantle Sailing club. I am so proud of the students on the way they exhibited such exemplary behaviour on the night. There were even comments made by the sailing club staff, the photographer and the DJ, on just how lovely and polite they were. Everyone looked amazing, and the atmosphere created by this cohesive group was magical to witness. It is an absolute pleasure to be your Year Coordinator, Year 12 Class of 2021!! I hope you all had an unforgettable night! Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed at the beginning of Term 2!

Cristiana Ambrogio, Year 12 Coordinator

Introducing our Queen and King of the Ball - Olivia Potts and Kishan Manimaran

Senior School Deputy's Report

2021 has started extremely positively for the Senior School team with our two new student cohorts settling in well. The Senior School team has slightly changed this year with our lovely Ms Coates leaving the VET Assistant role. This role will be advertised, and the recommended applicant will start as soon as possible.

Year 11s

The Year 11s have had to adapt quickly to the rigours of the Senior School curriculum with many ATAR students commenting on the increase in the level of difficulty from Lower School to Senior School! I know the students will work hard to overcome these challenges with true Lynwood spirit. I am also extremely impressed by the large number of students taking ATAR courses, which is by far the biggest ATAR cohort we have seen in several years, and I wish them every success for the year ahead. I am very fortunate to have spent a lot of time with the Year 11s through the subject selection process and feel I know the majority of this large cohort already. There will be many exciting opportunities the Year 11s will participate in this year, with various sports carnivals, year group excursions, leavers jacket planning, and of course, the dinner dance.

Another positive Year 11 student experience is the early completion of the Senior School curriculum, which means the students will finish 8 November (non ATAR students) and 20 November for ATAR students. Please note this finish date is on condition all work has been submitted.

Year 12s

The Year 12s have adjusted well to being the new student leaders, quickly settling into their studies and demonstrating outstanding behaviour, uniform and attendance. They received their leavers jackets really early this year (thank you Ms Ambrogio – Year 12 Coordinator) and all the students look super smart in them. The Year 12s have a very tight timeline this year, with courses expected to be completed by the end of Term 3 and the official last day for Year 12 being the 16th October. It is essential that the Year 12s ensure they keep up to date with all course work to guarantee their WACE at the end of their 13 years of schooling. If any student is struggling – please ensure you see either Mr Bayliss or myself so that we can help you. I also urge you to make appointments with our VET Coordinator, as well as the Senior School team, to assist you in post school pathway planning. There will be many information sessions from universities and TAFEs, so make sure you ask lots of questions! I am confident that this amazing year group will do exceptionally well over the next couple of terms and will continue to achieve outstanding academic and social goals.

A huge thank you to Mrs Ambrogio for organising one of the best Balls I have ever attended. The students looked amazing, the masks were a huge success, and the students were an absolute credit to parents. They conducted themselves exceptionally well, representing our school perfectly. A huge thank you to all the staff that attended as well. It was a most enjoyable and memorable night.

Finally, I consider myself very fortunate to be the Senior School Deputy Principal, and I look forward to working with staff, students and parents to ensure your child achieves success in their last year/s of school and future success in whatever pathway they choose post school. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school to arrange an appointment.

Natalie Simms, Senior School Deputy Principal

Important Dates

Term 2 - 19 April to 2 July

  • Pupil Free Day - Monday 19 April
  • Public Holidays: ANZAC Day 26 April / Western Australia Day - 7 June
  • P&C Meetings: 4 May & 1 June

Term 3 - 19 July to 24 September

  • Pupil Free Day - Monday 19 July
  • P&C Meetings: 3 August & 31 August

Term 4 - 11 October to 16 December

  • Pupil Free Day - 11 October
  • Year 12 Final Assembly and Breakfast - 20 October
  • Year 12 Presentation Evening - 25 October
  • Soccer Awards Evening - 2 December
  • P&C Meetings: 26 October & 23 November


Ball photos - Kent Chambers