5 London (a very exciting journey !)

London: THE very big city !

Watch this video about London (5.49) !

Some important dates in London's long history:

  • The name "London" was born with the Romans ! They came to Britain and they built a town. They gave it the name "Londinium" (because local people said: "Lyndinn" for this place). If you go to central London, you will see parts of the Roman walls ! 
  • 1666: a big fire destroyed the town ! It started in a baker's shop near the river ! Do you want to see what parts of London caught fire ? Look at the plan !
  • London in the Blitz. In World War II, the German army bombed London day and night between 1940 and 1941. It was the "Blitz". London was destroyed, but the English people continued to have a "normal" life. They slept in the underground railway for protection.

London today !

  • London today is a very big city and an important centre for commerce in Europe and in the world !
  • Did you know about 300.000 French people live (and work) in London ? London is also very famous for shopping and for the fashion !
  • If you go to London, you will find all sorts of articles !
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