Psychodynamic Perspective

Inferiority Complex

I have always been the youngest member of my family, and as all youngest children know, sometimes our opinions are overlooked. Because I was ignored by some of my family members at different points, I began to obtain a strong personality around the house. According to Adler's inferiority complex. my feelings of powerlessness as a child began to result in a strive for power.

Collective Unconsciousness

Like Carl Jung, I also disagree with Freud...on a lot of things. One idea that Jung is most widely known for is the collective unconscious. Although he suggests that the collective unconscious is shared amongst specific groups of people, it seems as though there are ideas shared in a collective unconscious within my family. My family shares certain thoughts and beliefs about things because we live closely together and we share some of the same mentalities. This also goes along the lives of genetics influencing our personalities. We share certain temperaments.


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