Buildings in the Future

My mind map shows the features that will affect the buildings of the future.

One of the main factors that will affect my building is pollution. This will affect how I build my building and which matierials are strong to face bad pollution.

Another thing that will affect my building is the style of architecture. In the future The architecture will change from straight buildings to wired shapes.

Technology will affect the buildings in the future because we would use it to close windows by itself. Also to open doors with finger prints. Apple changed from the iphone 4 to the iphone 7. The most features that changed was the headphone jack and the home button.

Best case senario: Our world will not over populate so we have enough water and food. Also if all the cars were electric cars so it wouldn't cause alot of pollution.

Worst case senario: Our world will over populate and the pollution will get worse because apple will start making more and more product in the factory so it will cause pollution.

Our technology will get better and we will have better ways for us to be safe by locking our houses with finger prints.

This is my mood board.
This is my research plan showing what matierials I need for my building and what color I can chose.

This is one of my sketches and it is a spa resort.

This is another sketch. This is a building with two flats.

This is another sketch that is located in the countryside. This is as vacation house.

My last sketch is a modern house.

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