A Class Act Written by Norman Shabel and Directed by Herman LeVern Jones

About the Production

General Chemical Corporation has been pouring cancer-causing waste in the nation’s rivers for over 40 years. Now the high-powered firm of Alessi and Warsaw along with ace litigator Ben Donaldson, senior counsel from Block, Demitri and Philby, think they have enough evidence on behalf of their million clients for a class action suit. However, General Chemical does not admit any wrongdoing. In fact, their studies prove inconclusive as to their liability and they are not willing to settle.

The negotiations between the two sets of lawyers lead to all sorts of maneuvers on part of the corporation’s mostly male team. Amoral Dorothy Pilsner, the beautiful and sexy corporate counsel for General Chemical who has come up before Donaldson in a California case that went badly for her, is sent by her bosses to try to blackmail two of the opponents. However, Alessi and Warsaw’s independent medical report has just been received and appears to change the ballgame. The engrossing and gripping play builds to a shocking and surprising ending, one you won’t see coming and that is revealing of how the legal system works.

"A Class Act" had its world premiere at The Playroom Theater in New York City (151 West 46th Street - just east of Broadway) in the summer of 2016 and also premiered in Florida at the brand new Pompano Beach Cultural Center in April and May of 2018.

About the Playwright

Norman Shabel graduated from Rutgers University Law School in 1969. For over forty years, Mr. Shabel vigorously pursued the rights of his clients on major legal issues involving murder, fraud and national class actions, representing thousands of ordinary people all over the United States. A long time New Jersey resident, Mr. Shabel has taken his forty-six years’ experience as a trial and class action lawyer and transformed it into an exciting dramatic production entitled A Class Act. Mr. Shabel has also written five other plays, two of which have been produced in Philadelphia, and has written nine novels, his two newest released earlier this year.

Issues in the play

  • Water Pollution
  • Waterborne Diseases
  • Class Action Lawsuits
  • Corporate Greed/Corruption
  • Injustices in the legal system

“The play is a revelation of how simple folks live and don’t understand what surrounds them. They live and die not understanding that their lives have been polluted. It’s not about black people or white people. It concerns everyone. The most subjective element in our lives, our drinking water, is polluted. And polluted water causes cancer.”

Norman Shabel, Playwright

Photos from TheatreSouth's presentation of "A Class Act" at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center in April/May 2018

"A Class Act" is available for tour to any city across the globe! If you would like for your community to be exposed to this topical production on water pollution and the legal system, please contact us at 786.580.7389 or info@theatresouth.net

Created By
Samantha Davis

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