Aida Talavera BIM 1 Period 2

January 4th

How was your break and what did you do?

My break was good. I spent a lot of my time with my family and even visited family in Mexico. I went to the park a couple of times with my dogs and cousins. I also played board games with my family, especially the game Sequence which is fun and entertaining. I also spent time watching movies and series like Criminal Minds and Rick and Morty. My best friend that moved away visited me which was fun and enjoyable.

January 6th

What is the most trouble you have ever given your parents ? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them ?

I think the most trouble I have given my parents is when I don't do what they ask me to do. For example, when they ask me to clean my room, clean the fish tank, wash the dishes, mop or sweep the floor, and things like that. I would usually tell them no because I had something else to do like homework but i'm trying to change that habit of mine. The most enjoyment I have given my parents is probably when I do thing without them asking like cleaning and all that junk.

January 11th

What dream can you conceive ? Can you believe it ? Can you achieve it ?

A dream I conceive is to make my parents proud and be something. I do believe I can do this, I hope they are already proud of me but I want to make them even prouder. I think I can achieve this by trying harder, pushing myself to do more difficult things and not just go through the easy way out, and go to college and work. I think those would be some thing that would make my parents proud of me.

January 13th

What are you doing this three-day weekend ?

This 3-Day weekend I will sleep as much as I can because I have been sleeping really late these past few days. I will also spend lots of time with my family watching TV and doing things we have to do. This weekend I will play board games with my cousins and maybe take care of baby Jaxon who is my cousins 15 month old baby boy who is amazing and makes everything better even though he might get annoying to other people.

January 18th

How do decide if you like someone ? How do you show interest in them ?

I don't really dislike or hate anyone. I like most people I know and if I don't know them I just hope they are nice to me as I will be to them. If they are mean or disrespectful I won't think about them or try to start a conversation with but I won't necessarily say I dislike them. If I want to show interest in someone or I think they are interesting I will talk to them and ask questions to show that I am interested in them and having a friendship with them.

January 20th

Have you ever "passed on a kindness" ?

I have never literally passed on kindness but something sort of like that I did once. I did not do my homework once and somebody helped me and let me use their homework to look at them. Then later on that day someone asked me for help and I did the same thing someone did for me which can be considered as passing on a kindness.

January 25th

Who is your biggest fan ?

I would hope to think that my biggest fan would have to be my family. Which includes my father, sister, and mother. They are always there to kind of motivate me. But I honestly don't really have one which is okay to me.

January 27th

What do you love most about yourself ? What do others love about you ?

I love that I am nice and as nice as I can be and I love that I can be myself around most people and don't really have trouble with anything. I also love that I try my best in classes and do my very best. I think others love my hair because that is what others are always say that they love and say that it is beautiful.

January 30th

Which of your senses is the most important to you ? What would you do without it ?

I think sight is a sense that i find most important to me. I say this because I love looking at everything. I love how the sky looks, all the sunsets, and everything is just lovely. I also love love seeing how everybody look so different and their style is different as well. Without it i think i would just do everything a blind person does. I mean it would be sad to not be able to see but there is people like that now and they can do it so why can't I.

February 1st

How do you see yourself ? How do you think others see you ?

I see myself as someone different and beautiful in my own way :))). I see myself as a smart and hardworking person. I hope other people see me the same way but i am pretty sure they do not. But it does not really matter to me what other people think about me.

February 3rd

Do you treat people as they are, or as they ought to be ?

I treat people as they are and not as they ought to be. I think i will always treat people as they are and always how they act in the moment not who we may think they may act like because you never know how they will change or if they can even change.

February 6th

How were you taught to tell the truth ?

I was taught to just tell the truth never lie even if it is convenient for me or anyone. No matter what I will always just tell the truth even if it is dumb or not worth it. I was raised to never lie therefore I will always tell the truth.

February 8th

Have your parents ever practiced " long division" on you and your friends ?

I do not think my parents have ever practiced "long division" on my friends and I. I have never done anything bad and do not plan on doing it either. But my parents are super nice and understandable so i do not think i will ever be in a "long division" situation.

February 10th

When has a friend opened up a whole new world for you ?

A friend opened up a whole new world for me recently. She sees things totally different than I do and she shares her thoughts with me which is different than my usual friends. She is extremely nice and different and I hope we remain friends for a while.

February 13th

What is the most important advise you have ever received ?

The most important advice i think i have heard is " you need to hurt in order to grow, fail in order to know, and lose in order to gain." I think it is pretty explainable and true. I think of this every time something happens. I think overall people need to know and realize that not everything happens for a bad reason.

February 15th

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done ? Did anyone persuade you to do it ?

The stupidest thing I have ever done was having a food/neighbors fight with my cousins. It was crazy but fun. We threw eggs at each others houses and selves. They even threw tomatoes at us. It was so much fun but afterwards we had to clean it all up and our parents found out and we all got in big

February 17th

How is your day going so far ?

My day is going fine. So far in all my classes I have been doing nothing. The teachers have just let people catch up today which is cool. I have nothing to do either. I have done all my homework for this week. That is my life today

February 22nd

What do you wish you knew then that you know now ?

To know that asking for help and just overall asking questions is okay. I use to be really afraid to ask question because of what others would think of me so I would just be confused if i didn't know what was going on. Now I ask questions all the time and can care less what others think about me. My grades have been better since then which is great.


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