Francis Korfeh Motoring Parts retailer

Francis Korfeh lost his wife and one child to the Ebola virus that struck Sierra Leone so cruelly in 2014. He also contracted the infection and was lucky to survive following treatment at the isolation clinic in Kenema, eastern province. He returned to his home town Koindu to continue bringing up his 2 boys and girls.

Francis runs a small shop selling spare parts for bikes and cars including engine oil, grease, shock absorbers, bolts and breaks. Many of the engine components are quite small and Francis has begun to find it quite hard to focus on their detail.

On hearing that an eye care team were visiting his local community health clinic, Francis joined the queue to await his turn. Following registration and screening by local ophthalmic nurses he was seen by the Vision Aid Overseas team and dispensed a pair of reading glasses.

"I can see the bolts and read instructions on labels. I can even see to count out the right money and do all my paperwork. Thank you for coming to help me carry on my job."
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