BNA Page By:Ismail shikhadekh

Expulsion of The Acadians

In the expulsion of The Acadians the main two groups were The Acadians and The British.The British felt threatened by the Acadians because they didn't want to fight the french with them.Plus after they kicked them out of there they burned all of there things. You might be asking where did they go,They went to Nova Scotia but it wasn't the Nova Scotia we know now. It became Nova Scotia after the Acadians came that's why it's so important.

Quebec Act

The Quebec Act had three main groups involved The British , Canadiens and The French. The reason why they made the Quebec Act was because they wanted to keep the French culture and they also wanted to promote a bi-cultural colony.If they didn't make the Quebec Act the land could be destroyed or the people would not trade because there were no British. At the end of this The British got more land because the borders changed and the French had a better relationship with the British.

American Revolution

The main two groups were The British and colonists. George Washington wanted more soldiers so that he could defeat Quebec city. And there was the seven years war which was very expensive so they made taxes on very important things such as glass,tea,lead,paper etc. And this is a very significant because without this revolution there would be no united states and George Washington became the first president during this time.

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