Graphite is a club founded by Sum Yue Guan, and is run by Molly Gilbert, Ari Trueba, and Sum Yue Guan. Our mission is to provide an open, judgement free environment for student artists to have a drawing session, while having exposure to new styles. For new artists, this will give them exposure to several backgrounds and styles. This will help them develop their own styles. The school did not have an art club before, so we took the opportunity to distill a stronger sense of art culture into the student body.

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Avery

"They make good use of the art space. They meet regularly and it's exciting to see their club grow." - Mrs. Avery


For this past year, we have been meeting regularly( about 2 times per month). We had drawing session, where students brought their media of choice. There were sketchbooks, tablets and laptops, and some even used their own body as the canvas. It created a fun, open atmosphere where students can openly express themselves however so they choose. For the next coming year, we plan on our meetings to be more structured and the heads will try to find a method for the club to hold a gallery on campus.

Member Works
Molly working on a digital painting

Reviews by Members

"Graphite is a very warm, welcoming club where, no matter your art talents (or lack thereof, in my case), everyone is encouraged to keep trying. Furthermore, everyone is always very polite with their constructive criticisms and no one ever feels like their art is bad" - Keegan Sweeney

"A creative and kind community where you are able to explore new art styles." - Audrey Nixon

"Graphite is a really nice club to be in. I personally like everyone in it, the people are nice and are good at giving helpful feed back to our art. Over all we could have even more frequent meetings but otherwise it's a wonderful club that I love!" - Katalina Villarreal

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