British North America Timeline BY: Veda Appunni 76

7 years war

7 years war:

The 7 year's war took place from 1756 to 1763. The French and English were both in need for control over the seas. Both countries had military alliances such as Prussia and Hanover(in alliance of the British), and Austria, Sweden, Saxony, Russia, Spain (Alliances of the French).

The British were committed towards attacking the French Navy, and colonies over seas, While the French were focused to defend their military alliances in Europe, which did nothing to help France defend itself from the British.

I think this event is significant to our history because this war was the last battle before the French surrendered to the British. This event is also very important because it tells us how Queen Elizabeth is on the back of our Canadian Currency. It even tells us how and why the Treaty of Paris ended the 7 years war in 1763 .

Treaty of Paris ended the 7 years war

What had changed in British North America as result of the event happening? After the seven years war the British had gained more land by taking the First nation lands leading their families to be separated, and for them to have no way to escape the war and live their normal lives.

The impact of this event for the British was that they got more land from the First nations, and also gained more territories from the Treaty of Paris on 1763 which helped end the 7 years war. The impact for the French was that they lost an empire to the British.

American revolution

American Revolution:

The American revolution also known as the war of Independence began in 1763 when the French and Indian war took place the British empire had won the war against France & moved the whole costs from France to Britain which put Britain in a national debt so, In 1765 the Parliament passed a new law called the stamp act which put taxes on legal paper, newspaper, documents & printed material. They also sent British troops to demanded more taxes from their colonies. These recent tax increases irritated the Americans, so at first the Americans only fought for their rights but a year later they demanded for their complete Freedom. On July 4th 1776 they declared that United states were their own country.

This event is significant to our History because it explains how British North America became the country we currently live in also known as Canada. They showed us how we could've stood up against the British to earn Independence & Freedom for their Country.

The Americans were most affected because they had to pay more unjust taxes for the British, and they were even benefited when they got back their Freedom from the British and become their own country. The British had a disadvantage since they had lost control over the American colonies.

What changed in the BNA After the American Revolution war took place? The thirteen colonies won freedom from the British, and they became their own country called the United states of America.

War of 1812

War of 1812:

The war of 1812 Started with a disagreement between Great Britain and the French. The British attempted to stop Americans from coming to French ports, The British also took U.S sailors and forced them to join the British Navy. Then the "War hawks" (A group in congress led by Henry Clay) got President James Madison(4th president of the U.S) to sign a declaration of war against Britain on June 18, 1812.

Due to the victories by the French against he British, In August 1814 British troops were sent to Washington D.C and burned down the Capitol, the president’s home, other buildings and military stores.

White house burned down by the British in 1814

I think that this event is significant to our History because it was the second war between Great Britain and the United states. It was also the reason why during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt they had to rebuild the White House.

What changed in BNA after the war of 1812? After the war of 1812 the British burned down the White house and other government buildings Leading the Americans to Immediately leave Washington D.C and come back to rebuild their White House.

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The war of 1812 By: Halden R. Carter



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