El Imperfecto Another past tense form

When do I use the imperfect tense?

The imperfect tense is used to refer to actions in the past that occurred repeatedly.

I used to walk every day.

Yo caminaba cada día.

The imperfect tense is also used to refer to actions in the past that occurred over an extended period of time.

I used to eat paella frequently.

Yo comía frecuentemente paella.

The imperfect tense is also used to “set the stage” for an event that occurred in the past.

We were coming home when we saw Juan.

Veníamos para casa cuando vimos a Juan.

Actions which are not physical, that is feelings and mental actions, usually use the imperfect tense.

Juan was feeling sick.

Juan estaba enfermo.

How can I remember when to use Imperfect tense?
Another set of acronyms to help remember uses.

Key words to look for as clues to use the imperfect tense

The imperfect is frequently associated with phrases that describe the frequency of past actions.

a menudo- often

a veces- sometimes

cada día- every day

cada año- every year

con frecuencia- frequently

de vez en cuando- from time to time

en aquella época- all the time

frecuentemente- frequently

generalmente- usually

muchas veces- many times

mucho- a lot

nunca- never

por un rato- for a while

siempre- always

tantas veces- so many times

todas las semanas- every week

todos los días- every day

todo el tiempo- all the time

varias veces - Several times

Regular Verb Endings
Great part! Only 3 Irregular Verbs in Imperfect!!

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