The Book Thief Themes By: Jack Crandall


"To live. Living was living. The price was guilt and shame" (207)

In my opinion I think this quote is explaining how hard it was to live during these times. When Hans said this I think he was trying to say that living in these tough times we're not very great and you we're lucky to have any food. I think this is important because it gives you a look at what was really going on during these times. I think that everyone was just happy to wake up in their own home and not in some concentration camp. I also think everyone knew what was going to happen to all the Jews that we're being taken away and it sucks because they knew they couldn't do anything about it.

I think a real world example of this could be the amount of homeless people we have living in today's society. I think the homeless live day to day just hoping they can make some money so they cant eat. Although some homeless people just like to spend the money we give them on drugs and alcohol I think their is also some good ones too. It also kind of sucks seeing them roam the streets and sleep on park bench at night just because we can't do too much for them.

The reason I chose to talk about the homeless is because I think a lot of their life is just trying to live day to day. It would be very hard to not live anywhere and jut kind of roam the streets. They probably also don't really care too much about anything because they don't have much to live for. In my opinion though I think the homeless put themselves in that situation because you don't start off that low in life. I also think that people don't realize how hard of lives some of these homeless people have to live everyday.


"I Can't believe I made it all the way here from Stuttgart all the way to Himmel Street without being seen" (158)

When Max traveled from Stuttgart all the way to Himmel Street I think this took a lot of courage. The reason I think this is because he had to travel out in the open through Nazi Germany where he could've been easily stopped by Germans or even killed.

I think a good example of Max's situation relating to real world could be our US military fighting over in the Middle East. I think this relates to each other because Max had to walk through enemy territory to make it to Himmel Street which took a lot of courage. Our troops also have courage because they are in the enemy territory everyday fighting for their lives so they can protect us.

I think my real world example makes a lot of sense because our troops are in enemy territory just like how Max was. I think Max is very courageous throughout the whole story but I think this is one of his better moments. Over in the Middle East we have troops dying every day due to always being around the enemy. When Max had to walk all the way through Nazi Germany I think that took a lot of courage and I think deep down he knew that. In my opinion I think this was one of the most courageous moments in the story so far.


"I trust you to come back with my book before they come through and burn them all" (201)

In my opinion I think a good way that Zusak showed trust in the story is how the Mayor's wife trusted Liesel and always gave her books. I think this was important because it is another person that Liesel could trust. I think the Mayor's wife really likes giving books to Liesel because it reminded her or herself when she was young. Liesel gets very frustrated with the Mayor's wife when they can no longer pay Liesel for her laundry services. The Mayor's wife tries to keep being friends with Liesel but Liesel doesn't want to be friends anymore because of the laundry incident.

In my opinion I think that Liesel should have not tried to end that friendship because the Mayor's wife could have helped her towards the end of the story. When they stop being friends the Mayor's wife starts to leave the back door unlocked so that Liesel can come in whenever and take more books.

A real world example of this could be how people donate to charities or goodwill with things they don't use anymore. I doubt that Ilsa wanted to read the books she was giving to Liesel because she took the chance of losing those books. Ilsa knew that the books could've been found b the Nazi's and burned. People don't really care/need things that they donate so they just end up giving it away.

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