The Drop By Coleton Wills

I wake up, and I find my self somewhere weird. I find myself on a plant! But right when I figure out where I am, I evaporate into a little particle and I fly! Suddenly I condensate into a cloud.

Poof! I find a man made of Cotten candy, from what I could tell he looked sticky too! He is made of cotten candy and marshmallows.

"Hello and who might you be?"asked Willy.

"I am Marsh Cottenberry."

"Who are you?"Marsh Cottenberry asked.

"I am Willy the wondrous water droplet!"

"You don't look like a water droplet?"Marsh Cottenberry said confused.

"I know I suddenly flew up here with no apparent reason."

"Oh, I could help you with that."replied Marsh Cottenberry

"Please help me?"requested Willy.

"Ok,follow me!"Marsh said excited.

Slurp! I fly right out of the cloud, I precipitate into rain.

I fell onto the earths atmosphere onto a mountain.

I accumulate into a glacier, and there is a chilly man.

"Who are you?"asked the man.

"I am Willy!"

"Oh, I am Frosty the snow man!"

"Like the song?"Questioned Willy

"Yep."answered Frosty proudly.

"I am lost, I fell down here and accumulated into you."Willy said sadly

"Oh, I can help you."said Frosty happily

As soon as I was going to say yes, please, I infiltrated into the earth and it got hot in an instant.

"Plump!"As soon as I fell down there I knew where I was,I was underground.

"Who are you?"asked a man in the dark.

" I am Willy?!"

"I am Rascal Rocky, My friends used to call me that when I was a kid."

"I would like to see you can you move from the dark?"asked Willy

"I wish but I can't,I've been stuck to the ground for a very long time."said Rocky sadly

"Oh I am so sorry."Willy said not very sorry.

"Woah, bye!"Willy got sucked through the ground and got put in a lake.

"Hello, Im lost!?" Yelled Willy

"And yet should I help you?"

"Yes, and who are you?"Willy said strongly.

"Ok!"said the man.

"Then come out!"Willy screamed.

"Ok!"said the man.

But as the man came out I got put in a river in an instant. And I could not see the guy.

"Bye!"yelled Willy sadly.

"I wonder where I'm going this time?"

As Willy washed down the river he accumulated in a cove of water.

"Hello!?"Willy cried out sadly.

"Where am I?"

"You're in the nile cove."said a raspy voice.

"Oh, okay!"

Well go to the saloon and pay your' dept!"

"What do I owe?"asked Willy confused.

"Ah you don't know do you."


"So, you haven't know nothin!" Said the raspy voiced shadow.

Right when Willy got angry he got sucked into oblivion!"

"Where are you taking me."

PSST! "Whoa!"

he sees what he is coming out of while he slides.

Its a cow.

Willy evaporated into a cloud all over again.

" Where is Marsh Cottenberry?" Willy was asking a local.

"This is him"

"Oh did you take a shower? You smell nice!

" Who are you?"

"I am Willy!"

"Willy?, long time no see.

"I know right!?"

"Well I have to go home, Nice seeing you."

Plop! Willy fell all the way to the ground taking the runoff route.

I'm on my way! Into my house I go!"

But willy missed his house and landed into the soil surface!


Willy sat in the soil surface forever and ever!

Until he started his journey again.

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