Waitress By Anna Buck

Waitress has always been one of my very favorite musicals. It has such a feel good message that everything happens for a reason. For Christmas, my mom and dad got me a special gift to go see Waitress in Lincoln in The Lied Center’s broadway series and on Saturday March 7th, the day had finally come!

downtown lincoln

My mom and I drove down to Lincoln listening to the music from the show the whole way! After going to church and having a delicious sushi dinner, we made our way to the theatre! Our beautiful walk through downtown Lincoln consisted of anticipation and excitement!

entrance to the leid center for performing arts
faye <3

When we walked in we were so happy to see Mercy alum, Faye Davis, at the box office with our tickets! It just so happened she was working the ticket booth that night and I was delighted to catch up with her before the show!

merch stand
wall of celebrity performers at the leid center

My mom and I had plenty of time before the show to explore the theatre and get some snacks. The Lied Center was beautiful! As we were waiting to go into the theater there was a wall that displayed signed pictures of all the people that had ever performed there. It was so fun to read them all and kept us quite entertained while we waited.

cast list
on our way to our seats
my playbill and the stage

Finally the time had come! My mom and I were in our seats ready to go and the show was getting ready to start. Right before a show starts, I always catch myself thinking about the cast and what they are doing. I always make a point to say a little good luck prayer for everyone preforming, that everything goes well and that they have fun.

my mama and i ready for the show

The show was fantastic! It was everything I had anticipated and more! We laughed and cried and even made friends with the people sitting next to us during intermission. Going to the theatre is such a lovely experience. Seeing real people perform right in front of you is so inspiring every time and it is my favorite thing to do. Special thanks to my mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to see one of my favorite shows. God bless everyone and have a lovely day!

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