Carving By: jocelyn

During this project.... I experienced many details ! I think I made a very interesting design or logo. I got the idea by thinking of the holidays that are coming up, during this season there is snow so I thought about how every year I see very small snowflakes. The story behind is I really like the winter and I wanted to do something related. The ideas I wanted to show in this project were the small details in the snowflake. I searched up to find this inspiration white and black snowflakes as in order to make the carving.

Before I put my design in the 3D printer in order for it to carve I had my design in photoshop I uploaded it to easel inventables. My steps to get my design into easel for it to carve were do expand it larger, change the and check the minutes that was going to take to carve. I got my logo ready by fixing the parts that need to be fixed.

This is my final design/logo I think it turned out great but didn't exactly expect it to become like this I think I could of tried harder. But I am most proud of the details there was and how I outlined the corners. Next time I could improve my taking more time and fix the hearts. The most interesting part of this process was probably the wings. The outlines were hard to fill in. I thought making a snowflake would be a great carving to make with these specific designs in it.

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