Epic Hero Archetype Traits By Abraham Herrera

A epic hero should have the archetype traits of poise, resiliency, and bravery. A hero should have poise because it means that they have elegance or gracefulness in them. Hero's must have resiliency because it is the ability to never quit even when your at your worst. Finally one of the most important traits which most heroes have is bravery which means that they will stand up to anything no matter what it is.

Poise: Graceful and elegant bearing in a person.

Odysseus shows poise when he battles the men that tried to take his wife and kill his son. He does this by taking down a hundred men with his son on their own with a bow and arrow and a sword without the help of the gods and they took no hits yet they did it in a graceful manner. (Book 22, Lines 5-10).

Batman shows poise by slowly taking some of his opponents or villains. If you ever seen "Batman Begins" he slowly and gracefully Falcone's men. Then he sneaks up on Falcone while he's in his car.

Resiliency: The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

During one of the stories Odysseus and his men find themselves stuck in a cave with a cyclopes that plans on killing them by eating them. During that struggle Odysseus finds away for him and his men to escape. And that is by stabbing the Cyclopes in the eye with a huge wooden stick. (Book 9, Lines 285-295).

In the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" Bane crushes batman's back and sends him to some deep well prison. In there batman find away to fix his back and climb the dangerous wall to escape and go save his city.

Bravery: Courageous behavior or character.

Odysseus show bravery by fighting anything in his way to getting back to his family. In the early beginning we see him escape from a cyclopes. In the end we see him fight hundreds of men in his way of getting his wife back. (Books 9 and 22).

Batman shows bravery by fighting any human or different species type villain. He will take anyone and find a way to defeat them to defend his city. He will send those villains to prison and when they escape he takes them on again.

What my hero has in common with Odysseus is no matter what comes at them, no matter happens in battle they will never give up. The heros in this society play more of the look and action role. In Ancient Greece heros were more about the look of the battles. Heros have affected my personality by making me believe in my self to make the impossible, possible.

To sum up epic heros and modern heros effect society by making traits that normal people have, making story's that are epic, and making society more filled with life.


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