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LeftFoot simple?

The LeftFoot 2017 model is designed to be simple and easy to get your kid on the field. Let us manage the complexity of coaching your player through our progressions. We'll make scheduling easy. Every night, same class, and simple payments for year round access.

See it's that simple.

Ask me to kick a ball and I'll break down each step, make it simple and easy to understand. Ask me how to schedule at LeftFoot and it's too difficult.

LeftFoot 2017

Transcend and Include

For the past eight years, LeftFoot Coaching Academy has consistently designed coaching and development for players that led to great results while making it frustrating and difficult to understand as a parent.

We blame that on a visionary leader who wants to make every kid better.

While our accomplishments of creating phenomenal players don't outweigh the frustrations of our customers, we know how to coach. Creating great players is our unique gift.

We've focused on Six Strategies for LeftFoot 2017

  1. Three Student Tiers: Clients, Members and Students with Tuition Plans
  2. Tuition Plans for each Academy that “flood visits” and organize payments; tuition is set up as a "prepaid" system.
  3. Introduction of the Master Coach Model .
  4. Simplicity in scheduling and programming designed for Three Scheduling Models for the entire year; Academy Series, The Privado Model & Summer Programming
  5. Priority development toward a LeftFoot Coach Licensing Model with One on One Coaching and Foundation Coaching as the first introductory models.
  6. Refinement of the Senior Academy and Foundation Coach Licensing
  7. Summer Programming is organized to restrict coaching to a smaller Academy while designed to fit the Tuition Plans into eight payments.

Over the past three months we've been organizing, debating, detailing and organizing every thing to address the concept of "work backwards from the year 2020" -- what needs to happen this year, and then next year and beyond.

We're on a three year plan not a three week plan.

Get rid of the pain.

In LeftFoot 2017...

We're the guides. Just sign up and we'll take care of everything else. No complexity on your side.

Just take a look at the schedule, and you'll see what we mean. Simple.


The design of the schedule makes it simple for players and families to understand the progressions and attend on a daily basis. It's on the field that we work our magic -- which is where it should be.

Our Master Coach Model is a revolution in terms of skill development, technical progressions and attention to detail.

"It's amazing to see you go from player to player and coach to coach, your energy and passion for every detail of the session can be seen. And my kids love to be able to play and learn against your coaches. We never got the opportunity to work with you before, but we're excited now." - dad of returning students.
Scheduling made easy.
Make it Easy and Fun Again.
Our summer is designed to Fit One Master Coach and four assistants

Principles of LeftFoot 2017

  • One Master Coach;
  • 2 Junior Coaches; 2 Training Partners; Five "coaches" total.
  • Four nights a week; alternating Sunday's
  • Full Field for every session
  • 12 players; 75 minute sessions
  • Three Academies : Senior, Junior & Youth
  • Simple Scheduling and Progressions
  • 112 students for the year - a third of current membership.
  • Membership Guidance built into the program
  • Client manager to support Christian
A Privado for Everyone™

Senior Academy

Creative & Elite Series

Start with our best

The Senior Academy expands on our Internship Program from 2014-2016 where players got amazingly better by assisting in sessions and developing their technique. When they played in sessions to help our players we saw an amazing development curve from our High School Seniors.

Big Idea

The older players get their time to work directly with Christian and then stay the rest of the evening to assist with the younger players in LeftFoot 2017.

  • Six Players, Full Field
  • 60 minutes after school
  • 4:30 - 5:30; Monday - Thursday*
  • Alternating Sundays
  • All aspects of coaching and development
  • Build maximum touches
  • Creative Series minimum;
  • 16 and older with a Driver's License preferred

* begins January 15th

Senior Academy (in depth)

Junior Academy

Foundation, Combo & Creative

Start with the Foundation Series and Mix in Combination Series to make one complete experience. Add Creatives to make it that more daunting.

Kids like challenges. How can our diversity support every player? For years, we built amazing players by being harder than your club practice.

Big Idea

  • 12 Players, Full Field
  • Five Coaches
  • 75 minutes; Four nights a week
  • Alternating Sundays
  • Rotating Start Times; Monday - Thursday, but consistent through the January - April schedule.
  • Four Technical Progressions rotate Monday - Thursday with split/integrated skills learning.
When Senior Academy students jump in sessions, they break down the techniques, model speed of play and assist with coaching.

Youth Academy

Youth Academy I & Youth Academy II

U10 - U12: (As of 2017 Mandate) Ten to Twelve year old players in club soccer with three coaches for a 4:1 player to coach ratio. Our Youth Academy curriculum was designed to "drink" through the fire hose, but make easy skills progressions for coaches to deliver. With the Master Coach on the field for all players we'll see our Youth Academy be an ideal space for rapid advancement when our Senior Academy is supporting every session.

Modeling & Practice - Youth Players need to see more than just their coaches model techniques, when they see how older players use techniques it helps everyone.

Big Idea

  • 12 Players; full field
  • 75 minutes; Four nights a week
  • Alternating Sundays
  • Rotating start times Monday-Thursday, but consistent through the year.
  • Four Technical Progressions rotate Monday - Thursday with split/integrated skills learning.
Splitting our field for 12 players and four coaches, kinda nice.

Scheduling Models

Schedules that adapt to the changing seasons.

LeftFoot6 and LeftFoot 4.0 tested our limits of what we could coach, offer and deliver.

Now that we know we don't want to work with 450 students and 16 coaches we've reduced the complexity and made LeftFoot 2017 based on the one coach who we know can deliver a great session and develop players. Our schedule changes to serve you, manage him and make everyone better.

With LeftFoot 2017 it's built around Christian for the first year and then easily scales to new coaches once we begin to license our model. The scheduling stays the same as the inherent design of the coaching model since there's always a Master Coach, this should be the final design!


Three tiers of Access

Clients, Members & Students

Unfortunately we need to transition slowly through LeftFoot6 and current operations into LeftFoot 2017. In October 2016 we canceled over 160 LeftFoot6 Memberships and opened our settings to allow ANYONE to purchase sessions and enroll into the Academy.

We also know that many of you made plans to get training elsewhere, but we don't want to lose you, although we know we might not be able to work with you any longer too.

We felt it was best to transition to full enrollment over the course of the year because some people have already paid an "annual access fee". We've divided how the Academy will be utilized from January 2017 until November 1st, 2017 into three tiers of Access.

Until May 1st, 2017, Single Academy Sessions will be open to purchase by enrolling through our Front Desk model to anyone.


LeftFoot6 - Always a Leftie -
  • $129/year plus tax, automatic renewal.
  • You've already paid an All Ways a Leftie membership in 2015 or 2016.
  • Phased out of primary Academy by June 2017.
  • U17 and Older after June 2017.
  • No additional services, just access to individual sessions and Client Fast-Pass until June 2017
  • Summer Programming enrolls April 1st, 2017


LeftFoot 2017 Membership

$275/Year, no automatic renewal.

  • Includes 2 Coaching Calls ( $35 value, each)
  • Access to 12 Coaching Sparks, 1 per month for instructional purposes.
  • Access to Fast-Pass Coupons in 4, 6, or 8 sessions at $40 a session.
  • Summer Programming Enrolls March 1st.
  • Access to SPC Reserve & Academy Series Reserve Plans
  • Access to the LeftFoot Privado™

Student Tuition Plans

LeftFoot 2017 Membership

$275/Year, no automatic renewal

  • Includes 2 Coaching Calls ( $35 value, each)
  • Access to 12 Coaching Sparks, 1 per month for instructional purposes.
  • Tryout Prep Guidance and Team Selection Support Video
  • Access to Fast-Pass Coupons in 4, 6, or 8 sessions at $35 a session.
  • Priority Enrollment in the LeftFoot Privado™, Summer Programming
  • Summer Programming Enrolls February 1st.

Tuition Plans

8 Monthly Payments - Rolling Distribution of Sessions

Remember LeftFoot 4.0?

Most of the requests of our focus groups and parents involved in LeftFoot 2017 said, "bring back 4.0." So we modified the pain points and made it easier to implement.

Gold Tuition Plan distribution for LeftFoot 2017

"I'd rather work with one Jake five times a week, than five Jakes once a week." - founder, Christian describing the 4.0 model in 2013

Our best success came when kids were coming 40-66 times a year. Our top 20% of visits this year came at a rate of 40 visits a student, but the costs to parents were spread out through the year with no predictable scheduling. Tuition is a required component of LeftFoot 2017 for NEW Youth Academy and Junior Academy students. With two tiers of Tuition Plans for students and more access to the schedule, the opportunity for players to stay at LeftFoot exists for years.

LeftFoot 2017 Tuition Plan

Big Idea

The model is designed for only 112 students and one Master Coach. While we are planning to add more Master Coaches in September of 2017, we want to focus on our Senior Academy and licensing program for One on One Coaching, while reducing Christian's client load. (We're on a three year plan, not three months.)

Distribution Table for Tuition Plans

The Gold Standard

  • 36 sessions a year
  • $408 Coupon toward Summer Programs*
  • Distributed sessions per month for Seasonal plans.
  • Paid in 8 months, 4 months "free" allocated sessions
  • Invitation Period Four Times a Year: January, February, August & November
Tuition Plans will begin reservations on December 30, 2016.

Want more information regarding the 2017 Tuition Plans?


Estimated Costs and Payments for All Tuition Plans and Academy Levels for January Enrollment*

*subject to change based on demand consult the Tuition Plan design link for all details.

Are you already on a Tuition Plan through May 2017?

Good for you! Notice the price discounts!

We'll save you a spot for the summer and enroll you separately.

Or just let it ride out and transition to a different program.

transitions are hard
Overview of Student Tiers
What way to do you want to participate? It's up to you!
How to start?
Start with a Trial Again
$147, 4 sessions at $25/session 1 Coaching Call, 1 Membership Call

We know there's a lot to cover with LeftFoot 2017. We've focused on getting smaller, more personal and being exclusive once more. So it'd be good to go through things on the phone. There's over 470 players that could call LeftFoot home in some way shape or form and we know that there's over fifteen different variety's of problems with every account. We'd like to know if you're interested, but we figured, if you are, then start a Trial again. That way we get to focus on your player, update your account and re-establish trust.

Designed for simplicity
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Christian Isquierdo

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