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One of my favorite hobbies since I was very little was capturing moments in time with my polaroid install camera. Even though photographic technology has changed dramatically with digital photography and camera phones, I still love taking instant photos and seeing what develops.

The best thing about instant photography is that you only have one shot to take an image. Since the film isn't readily available like it once was, it's a little expensive and it forces the photographer to really think about the content they're taking.

Mahalo Uke Circa 2015
Coasters taking on an Instax Mini 8, when looking through the viewfinder they were centered but when it developed it became something else. I still like how it turned out and might end up using it as a filler image for a collage.

When I was little I used to collect Polaroid Cameras but sadly my collection was lost when I moved out of my family's home over a decade ago. Slowly but surely I've begun recollecting old cameras not just instant styles but also antique Kodak and Brownie style cameras all of which are currently in storage.

Sister's Shoe Collection taking on Fuji Instax Mini 8

Since Polaroid no longer makes instant cameras and film like they used to, THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT has been recreating instant film to make it possible for people who did manage to save an old Polaroid camera. When founded in 2008, it was thought to be an expensive idea and because everyone was starting to go digital, that there wouldn't be enough people interested in the project. Happily, they were wrong, since then there has been a renewed movement of instant photographers that use this medium as contemporary art, fine art, or just for fun. Fuji Film has taken over the instant camera market and have been making cameras of different styles for the new generation of instant photographers.

TV Reflection taking with Fuji Instax Mini 8 Camera but the reflection didn't come out because the flash filtered it out.

With the rebirth of instax photography, even the best imperfect photos can be used in another creative way other than what they were originally shot for. Since the original image I was trying to take didn't come out, I can always add stickers to this image or use it as if I was looking at the night sky at a UFO maybe. The best asset with instant photography is an unrestricted imagination, that's why it's very poplar among younger photographers and children.

The first three images were instant photos that were taken while they were developing and the final three are when the chemicals within the film were done bringing the image together. (Fuji Instax Mini 8 -- Life with two boys 9 years and 14 years Spring 2017)

What I always enjoyed about instant images is the colors and the grainy vintage texture that they have. Almost all images taken in instant photography give a nostalgic feeling which is what I loved when capturing images as a child.

I hope this website has intrigued you to enough to look into trying instant photography. Be sure to click the links for THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT and FUJI FILM for information or more photography ideas.

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